Glimpse from history:
Hello, I am german and glad too, to hear from you 😉

Congratulation and Standing Ovation from Germany – magdalena 😉

I have heard about Happy Eid Mubarak first time yesterday I read this comment and in the evening I saw it in the news on TV. Happy Eid Mubarak is the same for you as our Christmas in december for christians. So Happy Eid Mubrak to you 🙂
cheers magdalena

It was a Weekly Photo Challenge Masterpiece, where we met. I was pretty confused about my entry for the DP, and Magdalena had then come to my rescue. She told me she had no clue either, and suggested that we could do it together.

So we did it.

Then we interacted further and commented on blogs; her brilliant photography and kindest comments on my poems, our not knowing each other’s languages and still conversing (sometimes with a google translator) and wishing each other on our joys (my nephew’s birth, and at Eid, and her at her friend being blessed with an angel) was what made this friendship grow and prosper.

And then today, when all of a sudden I visited her blog, I found this “goodbye” post from her friend Tina. I had no idea what the text in image meant in English, and every single comment was in German too. The only thing clear was that… something was terribly wrong.

And so it was.

Magdalena passed away of bone cancer.

‘She wasn’t much of a moaner’, said Marion. So her last posts aren’t about her falling health. They are, instead, about colors and smiles and LIFE.

I admired her photographs immensely. They were wild life, and still life, and basically covered natural beauties like spiders, plants, flowers, lizards. And locks, cities, children. I told her once how much I liked them and she told me that doing this helped her in forgetting the bad weather.

by yarnwuseleien~ magdelana.

This post is to say, Magdalena, that losing you today makes me realize how important you were. I miss you already.
May your soul rest in peace and may it blossom in another way… .


15 thoughts on “Magdalena!

  1. NS says:

    Aaaah. This was heart breaking. I almost cried but then I didn’t because I felt angry! I have also lost loved ones to cancer and well, I don’t think I hate anymore more. May God bless her soul and the many souls who suffered from cancer.

  2. Some people are meant to heal others, making themselves oblivious of their own wounds.
    She was certainky one such soul.
    And the pain, the painful grace that you say it with…pierces my breath..
    Well this is life- in the end..

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