2014, My Writings


“Drawing something? What is it?”
It’s not something. It’s ‘nothing’
You’re drawing nothing?
“No, but I’m drawing something that is nothing.”

What exactly is this?
“What do you see?”, she paused and looked up.
I see… nothing.
“Exactly that!”, she bent her head, and continued with the drawing. Her fingers moved smoothly on the sheet in a calm manner; a distinct fashion which was so her-like.
It was always a moment’s work for her to get oblivious if she decides. She can forget what surrounds, numb herself, ignore everything and everyone without showing it. I have seen her disappear in crowds just like that not physically, but mentally. And honestly, I do despise this fact. Because working on complex jobs with a hundred people around seems impossible to me.
She, however, knows magic.

“So is this some kind of emotion you’re putting on paper? Is that how you’re feeling?”
“You’re printing emotions! Okay. And you’re tracing black over an already-sketched grey. Is that a whirling dervesh?”
She didn’t reply. She was too busy, again.

“Is black anger?”, I asked.
“No”, she lifted her head. “black is death.”

A beautiful image laid before my eyes when she put her pens down. I looked at it, and then at her, with awe.
“You like it?”, she asked.
“I adore it”, I replied.
She smiled and remained silent. After a while, she requested me to pass those few crayons from the side-table.
“Crayons? What will you do with them?”, I asked when I handed them uncertainly to her.
She smiled again.

In a few seconds time, the entire drawing in front of me was changing colors. It was so sudden, and so dramatic, that I couldn’t even stop her. She picked up red, and then orange, and yellow and then peach. And she crushed them all one after another. The sketched drawing and the flowers and figures, and lines, were all becoming a background. And her work of art was slowly destroying itself in itself.

“What are you doing? Why are you doing this?!” I shouted.
“I like it this way.”
“You’re practically damaging it in front of my very eyes!”
“Oh no. I like it this way”, she repeated.
“Don’t. It looks horrible”
“See, I don’t care.”
“You are selfish. You know that?”

“Whose work is this?”
“Let me do it my way then.”

Finally, it was done. She put her stationary down, lovingly. I picked up the sheet and looked closely.
Orange covered most of it, red only lined somethings, and with peach she had written:

In your thoughts
do I find solace
Let me immerse in you.

The grey lines behind those colors had kind of brightened up more prominently, instead of blurring. And the effect was altogether different. I was surprised to find that it wasn’t ugly at all.
It was stunningly beautiful. I looked at it admiringly, and then turned to look at her but she had disappeared.

Oh, the magic she had!

~ RandomlyAbstract.


32 thoughts on “ärtistrē.

  1. Brilliant piece Miss Maria Imran. 🙂 Full of subtlety and subtext. With a very apt title.
    You weaved something that looks nothing, until it emerges as something profound. Just like an art should be… And quite similar is the talent of your lead character she too immerses herself and finds a solace. Just like an art should be. And it’s only when in the crowded place, or amidst the overwhelming flow, we become nothing, that we emerge as something else. Probably we just appear as nothing, but actually we’re into something subtle. Just like an art should be. And as soon as something emerges the nothing leaves the place. Quite similar to an arc of your piece. 🙂

    I liked it very very much…

  2. What a stunning piece Maria….wonderful. The concept of story, the inspiration, the way you continued the story in a blur way…. dheemay dheemay and the effect it created…. awesome. I felt sorry for your friend….she sure was a great soul and she sure had the magic that affected our hearts through your’s ! Love your story.

    • Okay that emoticon is awful, and will cause you to misinterpret my comment.
      That “Oh” was one that’s let out after reading something so breathtaking that you forget to breathe and then it comes to an end but you don’t want it to and it leaves your thoughts so deep into “it” that you HAVE to let out an “Oh” to pull out of it…
      And because no words would seem fit here.
      And if there’s still any confusion, this is a very positive response!!

  3. I would give anything and everything to see that … PIeCe oF aRt … I am Intrigued !!! :p

    Too good …!!! It’s called Passion … I happens when I am reading … bohot daant khai hai Ammi Ge se … Mani naashta kar leeee … Mani khaana kha le …. Mani … aur end mai Jooti aati thi seedhi … hehehehehe :p

    But seriously when I am reading books … novel … I become same … na bhook na piyaas … na time … kia chal raha hai mere ird gird … kuch maaloom nai …!!!

    Its a gr8 feeling … kahan gye woh tension free days …!!!

    As usual Stay Blessed …!!! 🙂

      • Acha… yani kay janaab khush ho rehe hain… hunain jooti perne ka sun kar… koi baat nai… ye waqt zindagi mai aik baar to har aik per aata hai…!!!! 😜

  4. It’s so hard to understand words sometimes. Yet words are the only subtle ways to express. And you have used them amazingly well, Maria. I am not sure if I understood everything what you wrote. But I can definitely say that your words in the blog mean a lot to you. Every word and sentence has a significance, may not be for whole world but definitely to you. They are so powerful emotions. Its so magical reading your thoughts. While reading I wanted to read your mind but not sure, if I succeeded. But why do I get a sense that there is just one character in this piece??? On a slighter different note, you may want to read my blog titled ‘Their World’. How everyone finds their own colors and their own worlds, is magical.

    • Yes, Suyash, it’s exactly like that! 🙂 I can’t believe you reached there already.
      These words and these sentences are actually significant to me. It’s weird, but it’s like that. It’s hard to understand them sometimes, yet they’re the only subtle ways to express… not for the whole world, but definitely for me. There’s just one character. In a way.

      I will surely read ‘Their World’. Also, thank you very much for your kind compliments.

      • Hurray…:-) Feels so glad that I could understand your writings and a bit of you as a person as well. Its really wonderful. Your writings are truly so full of emotions, Maria. When I started writing long back in high school, writing to me was the means to bring out the emotions of an introvert self…:)

  5. aesh farooq says:

    well truly this is amazing…. while writing this comment i am thinking what can i write???? I am speechless, there are no words for this wonderful piece of Art.. 🙂

  6. Such a story teller this girl!!
    I could see the canvas colour itself before my eyes..
    And yes I see you changed your gravataar, to this design of yours that I had earlier admired and asked you to change into…
    So thank you Meri pyaari maria!!

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