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Do you notice, even today, how the clouds take form of a monster outside your balcony? Do you see the evil man, smiling slyly between a cigar in his mouth; the old woman bent with a stick and bread; the large, gigantically large bird in a flight? Do you see two teddy bears cuddling? Does it amuse you? Do you see a girl writing in a pad, a lamp lit close by, and some crumpled letters in a dustbin? Does it worry you how the newborn’s cradle swings empty?

Do you hear the nightingale singing? Do you smell Jasmines, and the night queens in bloom? Do you write poems? Do you paint it? Do you preserve your moments in a photograph? Or do you, at least, just inhale it in a way it etches in your memory to never leave? Do you think of me?



25 thoughts on “Shapes~

      • πŸ™‚
        I agree. When I think closer about it all, it makes me think how insignificant humans really seem, in light of the bigger things. It’s absolutely amazing because we’re like these tiny little creatures, stuck to this planet and floating around in space. Seems like we are so tiny and small and insignificant. Although, within our beings, there seems to be a knowing that we are so much more than insignificant nothings. Sometimes we like to think we understand it all, or at least understand a lot. I’ve found though that I will never understand everything entirely, it’s all far too big and grand for the small human mind to comprehend. I guess I just come back to faith. I know I’m tiny, yet I’m so significant and loved by my creator. There seems to be a marriage between science and creation.

        • Oh, I do love your words!

          Tiny yet significant, and loved by the Creator. πŸ™‚ You’re so right about this, stacilys… Most of these things are too big and too complex for our little minds to comprehend. Or maybe, we’re all so busy complicating the otherwise simpler things, that we forget to notice when we should!
          ‘Our life is frittered away by detail’, as Henry Thoreau says. We need to simplify it. πŸ™‚

          Sure we’re stuck and sometimes it’s like a black hole calling our bodies inside it. But we float and float, and someday hopefully there will be a way ahead. πŸ™‚
          Thank you so much for your beautiful words, Stacilys. Your last line provided me with some food for thought!
          All the best. =)

          • Oh, I’m so glad that I was able to be clear with my thoughts and that you could relate. And I love what you said about how we complicate things and don’t consider the simple enough. I totally agree.
            Blessings sweetie.

  1. so many unanswerable questions… questions which lead to more and more confusions but without thinking about their answers, we can’t understand the untold secrets. love the way you think about life… about small things which people usually dont bother thinking about.
    when i was a kid i used to see these shapes too… in the clouds, in the clustered falling paint on walls, in the trees… but then that kid slept inside me… ‘life’ made it sleep.
    love your post maria ! isi bahanay chalo i got a chance to explore and express myself in words.

    • Lalarukh! ❀

      Life made it sleep, you say. But what gave it strength to do so? Our weaknesses?

      Pata hae sometimes one plans to lose themselves. They prefer hiding. And then one day they do lose themselves. And cry. Phir kitna bhi wesa hona chaho nahi ho paty. Not talking about you.

      I love your words. The best thing about childhood is the way one imagines the world; in clouds, clustered falling paint on walls, trees. The second best thing is to let one's imagination run riot even after growing up. To concentrate on the clouds and ask them to make shapes again. Ask the wind to speak, ask Rabb to show.

      I hope you're doing well. Biryaani pakaai?

      • I see cotton balls… tree tops… blue rivers and golden balls…

        But I see more… I see peace… I see brotherhood and I see tolerance… I think it amazing how freely these shapes do move… as if floating in the sea… some pacing towards the east… as if desperate to meet their loved ones… And others strolling lazily in the blue expanse… relaxing… And a few others, staying stagnant… gazing down upon us… and smiling…

        What’s more is amazing ease that they change form… A tree top might scatter into thousands of cotton balls or a thousand cotton balls might club in to form the tree top… Reassuring us that they all are the same…

        Thousands of shapes are painted in the vast canvas of sky each day… They rejoice their existence… play among themselves… walk and run and dance and float on the canvas… and when the time comes… disappear joyously into the oblivion… silently and selflessly…

        Its a pity that we can see only a part of the great play that is played in the skies… forever and ever…

        • Beautiful!

          You seriously amaze me with your words that are always brimming with hope and positivity.
          They are all the same.
          And they play and walk and run and dance and then they disappear ‘joyously’ into the oblivion when the time comes. “Silently, and selflessly”. One of the best lessons I’ve received…

          It’s a pity we can only see a part of the Great Play, true. But sometimes, it gets tough to deliberately choose a silver lining on a cloud when all it signals is a storm.
          Thank you so much for your comment, Arindam! Best wishes. πŸ™‚

          • “But sometimes, it gets tough to deliberately choose a silver lining on a cloud when all it signals is a storm.”

            You don’t see the good thing about the clouds signalling a storm… The good thing about them is that they warn us of a storm and hence tell us to be prepared… Imagine what would happen storms came without a warning…

            As I told earlier on this blog… The real source of happiness and positivism is simply that this DYNAMIC world exists… πŸ™‚

  2. miss.mysterious says:

    This was really fantabulous.I seriously enjoyed every but of it!
    You have a wonderful treasure of neat thoughts.MashaAllah!
    I didn’t quite get why you names it shapes~ hehe :3 You asking about memory reminded me of a poem:

    When I walk in the memory lane
    There are places where I wish to live again

    But when the pain and sorrow I see
    All I wish is just to flee

    • Thank you, thank you, you fab person! ❀ Shapes because that's such a nice title. :p

      It came from clouds and their forms, and the forms of everything else discussed, I think. :3
      Love those lines. Thank you for sharing! Maaan. Them treasures of memory lanes. </3

      • miss.mysterious says:

        Welcome,welcome,you fantabulous person! Ohhh ohkay πŸ˜›
        Hehe ty Im glad! ^.^ Welcome πŸ˜€ Ahh yeah.. </3

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