Some people are like morning stars. They stand alone and they stand bright; not for once faltering to let their demons succeed. A soft, pinkish hue meets the dark blue at Fajar, and Rabbi calls His little, lonely creatures to come and find refuge. He is like, you don’t need to worry pretty one, I’m always all ears. Come, say, cry all you like, and I’ll mend this tiny heart of yours so that no one can break it again. Come to me so I may heal you, and trust in me so I may clean your wounds. Your battle has now come to an end, and soon the scorching light will tear this veil of darkness between us. Let all your fears and tears be mine. Let you be mine!

A quail sings from distance, but I cannot locate where. The sky is just as empty as the streets are, except for one bright object that is illuminating the entire blanket of night.