2014, Poems and poetry

I am.

You will see me everywhere,
floating gracefully on the clouds
swimming fearlessly in the seas
I need no pillars to cling on to,
no rooftops, no floors to set my feet on.
I am a mermaid!

A ghost, an angel
a shooting star I am
the wish you count on it,
the desire you keep unheard-
I am the golden sand in time’s hand
the purple glow in a river’s flow
the secret in a book divine
the prisoner in a castle fine
I am everything-
I am everywhere
I am now, I am never
I am infinite forever.

You think you can get hold?
Like the sailors before you planned
they all died in my seas

swallowed by the deep.
Thirsty in my deserts
injured by my cacti
illusioned by my oases

begging for my mercies.

I am the shapeless cloud,
free to make my move

Noah’s faithful ark
a light in the dark
Musashi’s sword
a legend adored

I am the minaret, the temple bell
the prayer bead, salvational deed
I am your pastunreachable
your destinyunattainable
I am anything but your present.

– Maria Imran.


29 thoughts on “I am.

  1. Most interesting. As I read the poem, I thought, okay, it’s a spiritual and poetic way of expressing that you are everywhere, all the time. But the last line – “I am anything but your present” – really hit me. As though the present is the only part of ourselves we can truly own – and no one, can ever take that from us. I don’t know if that’s how you meant it, but that’s how I took it.

    • Wendy!
      Thank you ever so much for your detailed feedback.

      Well, I believe that to be one of the most applicable definitions of life: it’s your present, and only your present, that contains in it every opportunity and meaning. The only “part of ourselves” we can truly own. Loved the way you’ve put it. 🙂

      Thank you again, and have a great day!

    • Heey, thank you so much! I just listened to its recitation and read both the Punjabi and English versions. It’s beautiful! Shayad terey takhayul di chinag ban ke
      terey canvas tey utraan gi~

      And the last lines:

      When the body perishes,
      all perishes;
      but the threads of memory
      are woven with enduring specks.
      I will pick these particles,
      weave the threads,
      and I will meet you yet again.

      Also, shukriya for your kind words. Glad you liked reading this. ❤

  2. Maria… I was seriously amazed by this poem. Itni maturity aa gae hai tumhari poetry me…I never knew. Perfectly written…. Very well chosen references and excellent main theme. I LOVE IT.

  3. This one has got something enchanting about itself, as if it’s surreal, otherworldly.
    So wide, so deep in its horizon , that it seems to even overrun its creator. Im mummed!

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