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The mad man.

Okay. Hoping that nobody turns to this page, I will write what inspired me to post this.

The poem first. It’s about a man who is mad, and is running all way in a dark street to somewhere. Not nowhere, nor anywhere. Somewhere, and that means he has a goal. A stop. People won’t know where he ended, but he will. It doesn’t has to be death.

And it’s not to hell, by the way, in that meaning. It could be to(wards) heaven, but maybe comprehending life made his dunya a dozakh?

The traffic dissolving part is important, because that’s the only image I had in mind, to convey which, writing this became necessary. I wrote the same thing with a few differences in my journal in a prose form.

Anyway, why is the man mad? Either it is because he has understood the meaning of life and cannot contain it, or it is because his service can be taken only now that he has “apparently” lost it.

As for me, I am a woman and I am still sane. The poem is totally imaginative. But I have a goal to reach, a dream to follow; pursuing which seems HARD, if not impossible.

Normal people aren’t free, and no motivational quotes can break barriers of rationality and responsibility. Sigh to that!


32 thoughts on “The mad man.

  1. M. says:

    Reblogged this on Bugs In Neurons and commented:
    “No one knows where he ended
    what his quest was, what he wanted
    but they say in a planet of madness
    only he had life comprehended.”
    This is beautiful!

    • The actual essence of one’s existence is a heavy truth. So much so that a normal person cannot maintain his sanity if he gets A Glimpse of It. He cannot contain it; but if he does, he can actually pick and toss the world at his fingertips.
      Either the mad man was running from it like you think, or he was beginning to apply It. His life was going to change either way, and that too, greatly.
      “How he ended, we would never know!”
      Thank you so much, Lala. Your comments mean much.

  2. “we come spinning out of nothingness, scattering stars like dust.” to be conscious, to relate to the ‘madness’ , to be able to so beautifully express it.. divine.

      • Maria! You are the turn, the turning point in making myself realise that my words make sense to the world other than me. How can I leave any page unturned in reading and realising the worth of your words.
        I hadn’t been able to read your blog lately, a storm had invaded my life. And im not the one who visits to increase the readership and madly hit “like” and disappear without understanding.
        Read you today after a month and burnt my sabzi in the kitchen.:P
        And still feeling so light, exhilarated!
        God bless!!

        • Hahaha no! You burnt your sabzi? I am so sorry to know that!

          Thank you. I know you aren’t one of those who come and like just like that. Whenever you have read me, I have felt being read.

          Your words mean a lot. So does this connection. I am sorry about that difficult phase your life has gone through… It will all pass, zendagi migzara!
          You are one strong fighter. ❀
          Stay same, and stay together. Thank you again for your kind words, I am deeply touched!

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