2014, Passages


TemptationI tried looking for you.

I won’t say I traveled far and wide or climbed those hills and things. No, but I met people and studied them to study you. I stopped to look at your personal things, and I tried sketching out your details.I wanted you back.

But I guess I am tired now.

And I guess I no longer understand you.

You are too grand, too far, too complex. I am too vain.


12 thoughts on “Invisible-

  1. Don’t…Please don’t stop looking. I can understand the frustration but keep waiting and looking. You will end up there one day….you just don’t know when and how.

    • Mera khyaal hai kay … haar maan lena behtar hai …. Usko dhoondna itna muskil nai hoona chahiye … na he hoota hai …. agar hum usko nai dhoond paa rehe hain to … yakeenan qami hamari koshishon mai hai … ya hamari koshish ki simt theek nai …!!!

      Woh to khud kehta hai kay, “MAI TO TUMHARI SHAHRAGH SE BHI QAREEB HOON” … “TUM MERI TARAF AIK QADAM BARHAIO, MAI DAS QADAM BARHAU GA” … to phir kyun hum usko dhoondte dhoondte saari zindgi bita dete hain …!!!

      I partially agree with Maria’s statement …. “You are too grand, too far, too complex” … Too Grand … yes THE GREATEST AND GRANDEST OF ALL …. so much that these absolute words are only for ALLAH PAK …!!! Too complex …. indeed too much for our little minds and existence …. you tell me … can a grain of sand on a sea shore even begin comprehend the vastness of the Earth … That is what our reality is compared to this universe and Allah Pak …!!!

      But FAR … no way … Our problem is we have to understand and test everything and everyone to believe … The ONLY solution is to let go…!!! What we have to do is LOVE ALLAH … And the very definition of LOVE is to submit … submit your will, your soul, your body and everything to another …!!!

      اُسے تو بس محبت کرنی ہے ۔۔۔ بے لوس و بے طلب ۔۔۔ سمجھ وہ خُد دے دے گا ۔۔۔۔ کوئ سوال نہیں ۔۔۔ کوئ کھو ج نہیں ۔۔

      So yes giving up in this way … to just accept Allah as Allah Pak is … and submitting yourself to Allah Pak … And what are you giving up actually…??? would you call it giving up if that which you are giving up never even belonged to you … this Life and all its worldly thing … why do we forget this is not our …!!!

      Agar hum apni zindgi Allah ko de rehe hain … to actually hum kuch nai de rehe … ye zindagi bhi to usi ki di hui hai …!!! Kia zabar dast shair yaad aaya hai muje …!!!

      جان دی ۔۔۔ دی ہویئ اُسی کی تھی ۔۔۔۔ حق تو یہ ہے ۔۔۔ کہ حق ادا نہ ہوا

      Agar hum apni life ko Allah Pak kay liye submit kar dete hain … to es mai kia bari baat hai … ye zidgi di bhi to usi ki hui hai … to such to ye hai … kay abi to hum ne es zindagi dene kay ehsaan ka badla bhi nai diya … abi to hum ne sirf wohi cheez loota di jo humain amaanat kay toor per di gyi thi …!!! Aur es se zyada qeemti sheh … koi nai Insaan ki … so es ehsaan ka to badla bhi hum kabhi nai jhuka saqte …!!!

      So don’t try to understand Allah Pak …. Just try your best to LOVE … as much as you can … and Inshallah you will find ALLAH PAK…!!!

      Stay blessed … Lots and lots of Love to both of you …!!! And remember me in your prayers …!!!

  2. Studied them to study you…aahhso true.
    Too grand, too far, too complex…
    Can relate with this one so much. Such well expressed, in such few words.

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