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  1. This was… worth the time it took to read. I have a theory. Sometimes… time waits. It waits for us to take what it wants to give us. Or maybe to accept it, to face it, to use it, to bear it. But while waiting, it goes on for others. Which is why… The world around us goes on changing. It’s like, we’re stuck in a moment. We’re frozen in one spot. But the world revolves. And when we “defrost”, everything has been going on as per usual. And we feel.. lost. Or kind of… left out, but only if we haven’t taken from time what it wanted to give us and it finally gave up. In that moment, time for us seems to have stopped or slowed, moving in long and agonizing seconds, but it’s still going on…
    I dunno if all of this is relevant or if it makes sense. You know the way I think so I expect at least you to understand. It’s a simple point, really.
    I absolutely love the way you’ve ended this. It presents a whole new perspective.

  2. Time hasn’t atopped Maria, it is us who have stopped noticing it’s speed and trying to run faster than it… That’s is why we don’t understand when seconds and minutes pass by. Try to think about years….You ll come to know how quickly have they passed actually ! Love your thoughts.

  3. Yes, there’s somebody else who feels the same as me. These days, in fact these past 2-3 years have been trickling so slowly for me, i have come to feel that I have grown old before being young. The youth seems to have faded and life now seems so aimless…although no aims have been accomplished… 😦
    so beautifully have you narrated it.

  4. beckarooney says:

    Profound piece of writing, each paragraph is connected seamlessly – amazing work. It will linger in my mind long after I’ve read it. Kudos! 🙂 xx

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