14 thoughts on “(Over)Shadow[ing].

    • Hey Staci!
      The idea can be applied to the inner turmoils created as a result of one allowing oneself to be overshadowed by other things– like fear, past experiences, rigid customs, etc. but mostly by other people– which harms until one lets go. The initial idea of this was how a person can haunt another person in a weird way we know as love maybe, and how slowly their own shadows can swallow the individual’s original. Doesn’t it happen that sometimes we give others that high high place and then it begins to harm us because it’s only dark in there and then we have to let go to protect the fading shadow of our own being? That.
      I am sorry for this bit of rambling, and also for replying so late! And I thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment! Much appreciated ♥

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