2014, Urdu musings


نحوست اس کو نہیں کہتے
جو تم کسی کے گھر جاؤ
اور یکے بعد دیگرے
کوئی آفت گرجائے
کہ برتنوں کا کھنکنا
یا جھولوں کا ٹوٹ جانا
تو اٹل ہے

البتہ ہاں
جب ایک ہی دیس میں رہتے
کبھی ہندو کبھی مسلم
کبھی ’کرسچن‘ کبھی سنّی
کبھی اہلِ تشیع
کبھی بت کے پوجنے والے کو
کبھی رب کی کھانے والے کو
کبھی بچے کو کبھی بوڑھے کو
کبھی عورت کو کبھی بیوی کو
مار دیا جائے

صرف یہ کہہ کرکہ
اسکا مذہب میرا نہیں
یا اسکا اٹھنا لکھنا پڑھنا
میرے اٹھنے لکھنے پڑھنے
سے مختلف ہے
اسکے بستہ میں جو قرآن ہے
اسکا ورق ورق الٹا ہے
یا اس کے گلے میں
مسیحائی کا جو ہار ہے
میں اسے پسند نہیں کرتا

سو میری پسند اور یہ میری زمیں
میرا ہے یہ گھر میں اس کا امیں
یہ منحوس یے‘۔’

ماریہ عمران۔

Dedicated to the Christian couple mercilessly killed, and others dying in ‘the land of pure’. Bloodlust is boundless; it surely doesn’t bother categorizing before bringing you to your coffin.

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  1. Akhiz says:

    its sad and ironic that i live in a country where my house can be torched or i can be stoned by an angry mob anytime, for any reason , just because i belong to a minority, my country was built on the foundations of equality of rights for all men irrespective of their race, religion, color or language, but why is that since my first breath i haven’t had the feeling of true freedom in my own home, my own land, i don’t know what freedom feels like and it breaks my heart saying that because i am saying this about my own country. If i go abroad i am not a Christian , i am a Pakistani, people will not see me for what i believe in, they will see me from the color of passport, and i am proud to say that i belong to this motherland, but why does it treats us like stepmother land.

    • I know, Akhiz… It’s distressing to say the least.
      Lekin jo filwaqt haal hae, wo sirf “minorities” tak mehdood nahi hae. Sab hi is aag me jal rahy haen, nahi? Mera Quraan ya aapka Cross kuch bhi excuse bana letay haen, jinhey maarna hota hae wo tou kisi ko bhi maar dety haen. What happened with Shama & Shehzad though, is blasphemous itself. Extremely inhuman too, and we all condemn it (even if that cannot bring back what is lost).

      P.S. Even if one thinks she’s treating them like stepchildren, maa is maa in the end. Sukoon aur zindagi dono usi se miltay haen na …

  2. I really wish Maria that people care for each other and stop this anarchy and infighting among themselves. There are so many beautiful things to do in life than just hammering them down. God has made this beautiful earth with its so many magical creatures and waterfall and landscapes. People should appreciate nature and its beings. Let’s hope some day, some day, at least peace will reign supreme..

      • You are welcome, Maria 🙂

        You know, an hour back, i was talking to am American herr in USA. He asked me how do Indians and Pakistanis see along each other. And then i told him that as far as common people are concerned, they are really not bothered much, except the politicians. And i told him that i have quite a few online friends which includes you as well, among blogger community with whom i interact frequently. He was so glad to know that. I wonder how people everywhere, be it India or Pakistan or USA or anywhere are all same. 😉

        • That’s so good to read!
          You are right: people are same everywhere. It’s really when one interacts and gets to know the other side that they develop tolerance and acceptance and see things with a better perspective. I owe a lot of lessons to the blogging experience.

          And, the Indo-Pak community here is great! I am truly glad to have come across you people. There still are some, though, who waste days and nights cultivating hatred among the masses because we are still to learn the art of peaceful co-existence. Let’s just hope the dream is realized soon. 🙂

  3. Sigh.

    “So meri psand aur ye meri zameen

    Mera hae ye ghar aur mae iska ameen

    “Ye manhoos hae!””

    And that verse just summarises everything so remarkably. Such a beautiful poem.

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