By the roaring waves!


No clouds, no stars, no poetry. No artificiality. Nothing sad, nothing good. Just plain feelings. No union dances, nothing in ecstatic motions, nothing to give pain. No hollow words or worlds. No cuts or bruises, nothing purple. Nothing red, vibrant, orange, yellow. Nothing dark or black either. Nothing about the unattainable ‘you’ or the challenging obstacles or the dried pens or broken canvases. Not even about the cold wintry nights or the absence of moon. No, nothing about December either even if it fills you with something… like, something. No somethings or nothings or somebodies or nobodies. No, no. No screams, tears, not even silences. Stop announcing everything. Stop bothering even, stop letting it bother YOU. Stop stopping even. Stop stopping the stopping, stop thinking the thought thinking of the thought thinking thinking of the thought. Woah get lost!


16 thoughts on “367

  1. Stop doing zulm on December, Poor December, badnaam na karo na becharey ko šŸ˜¦
    On a side note, a good one and it’s actually true but as I have said you earlier, it’s gonna end sooooon insha’Allah šŸ˜€

  2. Oh ho bhae kya ho gya ? Itni intense-ness kyun. December he hai… jesay socho gi wesa ban jay ga tumharay leye ye. serd hai…dry hai… per emotional b tu hai. Just try to find the balance okay. ā¤

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