2015, Poems and poetry

Of distances and voids.



Last time when you came,
asking me if ’twas okay
smilingly, I had lied
tis alright!

Let me tell you now
every time you come and go,
tis not alright!
today I miss you as I do
every single day and night!
remember that.


Do you know what’s the most a person can give you?– His trust.
It is when he tells you about his little joys and simpler things that matter;
Simple sorrows, acts, and fears that him do shatter
That you know he is trying, and it’s not so easy
Unfurling his soul he could slowly be dying, you see.

Really, read him not a dream now if you dare not make it
Bear in mind: The cruelest way to kill is to fake it.
Especially so, when he hopes you could mend holes in his soul
Destroy him not. Leave if you may, but let it be when he is whole.


I trusted you with
I told you things which
Should have otherwise been
You fed me lies. Failing me
Once, and twice, and then
Uncountable times.

Today’s poetry prompt is ‘trust’. These three that you read above are not really linked, but they follow the same theme. They also follow the acrostic form, in which the first letters of each verse (as highlighted) together make unique words.

This one was quite challenging for me, and though this isn’t my best, I have thoroughly enjoyed experimenting. πŸ™‚


Image via chrisspagani.com.


19 thoughts on “Of distances and voids.

  1. I especially like the third one. And I love how you have experimented with several different versions of the form. I’m interested in other people’s process as much as the product. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you for your kind words! On reading the prompt, I had thought I won’t be able to do this (like I feel today for the concrete form/ animal theme) but then these came one after the other. I am so glad you like them! β™₯

  2. The cruelest way to kill is to fake it.

    Great line.
    It’s also the cruelest way to kill yourself, because you’re then forced to stand idly by as your zombified corpse takes over what was once your life.

    You know Maria, from the themes you choose it would be very easy to imagine that you just go from one toxic relationship to another. Or that you never got over a particularly putrid one.

  3. Such wonderful imagery of a love lost. I simply adored the line:
    “Destroy him not. Leave if you may, but let it be when he is whole.”

    I don’t know where this new found pain has come from in your writing (it is intense and makes for great reading) but, hopefully you haven’t had to experience this loss first-hand.

  4. To be trusted is what we all want, but find it challenging to trust someone.
    We are too naive and think that both are mutually inclusuve; thus, we suffer.
    Suffer because you trusted and/or suffer for being trusted. Tho it may seem like why one would suffer for being trusted? Food for thought. πŸ™‚

  5. Let me tell you Maria, first of all, all these new forms that you are experiencing with in innovative ways, this is awesome.
    Secondly, that pain or passion, whatever it is, that has seeped into your words is awesome.
    Thirdly, this was such a beautiful piece with beautiful lines.Trust is the base of worldly relationship… When base is destroyed all the building is dashed to ground. Love, sincerity, devotion, care nothing matters once your heart closes for trust.

    • Jazakillah, Lala! It’s so good to see you again over here, and to read your comments. I am really glad you like this…
      “Love, sincerity, devotion, care nothing matters once your heart closes for trust.”
      That’s just so true. I love the way you’ve put it…

      And thanks again for the encouragement! This was a two-week poetry course I was taking which ended today… I am glad you found beauty in this.

      Adorez, Maria. :3

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