The Centipede Effect.


The centipede effect, or the centipede dilemma, is a psychological effect which occurs when “a normally automatic or unconscious activity is disrupted by consciousness of it or reflection on it.”

Here, I have arranged the story of a philosopher frog and the centipede in 100 (and 15) letters to denoteΒ  the 100-footed’s effect. The form I have tried to follow is that of concrete/visual poetry which was today’s task under the theme of ‘Animal’.

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31 thoughts on “The Centipede Effect.

  1. busy lady says:

    Very creative. Thanks for including the explanation of this effect. I loved your poem and the way you were concrete with it. And the presentation of the last word was great.

  2. cabrogal says:

    It should be called “The story of the centipede and head-fuck frog”.

    I had a flatmate who used to love making me conscious of my own activity while I was ‘in the zone’ – immediately dumping me out of the zone and making me far more awkward.

  3. Samjoth says:

    “The centipede effect”
    now I am scared ..!!!!
    You have so much of creativity I see πŸ™‚
    Good going..!!

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