2015, Proses


it happened slow. the stars like lamps flickered out and their shine was faded off. non-white as they were– now black– you couldn’t locate them anywhere, except that in a while the one farthest from the satellite started to collect red from god knows where and in some more time it was blazing and hysterical, spinning to keep sane. full of secrets it couldn’t hold, light started to shoot uncontrolled, in all directions left and right and soon, each one of the million stars was bursting fires bright.


18 thoughts on “fireworks.

  1. That reminds me of a very depressing science fiction story I once read in which the stars were going nova one by one from the centre of the galaxy outwards. It ends with the astronomer protagonist – who is also a keen gardener – getting up at dawn to smell a flower that only blooms as the sun rises, then dies. As he bends over the blossom, everything goes white.

    Unfortunately I can no longer remember the name of the story or its author. But here’s one by someone a bit more famous that has a similar theme.

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