2015, Poems and poetry


To pencils,
who have always stayed by man’s side
enabling expression of emotions
and their extermination.

The pencils which,
whine not whence you need them at two
in the morning or say four, sleep not without you
safely tucked in bed.

Pencils that die inch by inch,
tending an artist’s turmoil or a writer’s ruckus
with a smoke of grey or graphite crushed,
and designs– oh such!

Pencils. Do you see not how they aid
an ailing heart, a studious kid, a busy clerk?
Out on paper, they run until you’re tired
resting only in your nearest drawer after work.


Written in response to today’s poetry challenge which asked us to write an ode to something in our “drawer”.


13 thoughts on “Ode.

  1. Oh God, my poor pencils.
    You make me feel so guilty for how I treat them.
    I think I’ll start an e-petition calling for legislated pencil rights.

    Mind you, those highlighter pens deserve all they get.

      • miss.mysterious says:

        Same here ^.^
        Ive had diaries alot of em! XD

        Ohkay a question Ive started to ask people :3
        What is your inspiration? (:

        • Really? High-five on that! =^.^=
          Inspiration? Hmm.. ‘Life’. Cool answer, no? :p Actually, I don’t know… Some people feel too much. See too much. Feel nothing. See nothing. Both cases inspire. Boredom inspires. Activity inspires. Nature? People. Love? Insanity! Lol.
          What about you?

          • miss.mysterious says:

            Yes I do think LIFE is a cool answer 😛 it is one big word :3
            Ohkay ^.^ even I agree with you. (:
            I umm its a bit crazy really…
            I don’t know.I guess my inspiration can be anything! *o*
            Sometimes its just I try to hold on to the words rushing in my head, so maybe my inspiration are my thoughts?
            Sometimes I just look at a pic or a scene I if I feel the scene or ponder about,I just try to put it into words. :’)
            It might be a grain of sand that inspired me or a beautiful colour.
            At times someones actions,even if it is an animal. XD
            I guess that’s it. 😀

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