Sonnet: Twenty days.

Twenty days you said it will take, twenty days for you to return
Twenty days of strife and wait, but never again, you swore
Twenty days and more have passed, since months I do now yearn
Flowers on the table set, I keep ajar my door.

It will get better, I tell myself, though future haunts me like a ghost,
Like a ghost does future haunt me now as I struggle to make past here.
No tiding came, no key, no hint; could you send a letter at most?
It is not just painful, devastating it is— to see a loved one disappear.

Practiced I have all words to say, prepared I am to forgive,
When you come you will find in spirits good, me offering all I may.
But it’s not a matter as simple as that, for I worry now where you live…
It’s a dark dark world of gloomy nights– sun brings forth a woeful day.

I hope you come and I hope you are well, hoping I fear I will die
For twenty days and more have passed, and I see no sign nigh.


P/N: Today is the last day of the writing 201 poetry challenge and I have really, really enjoyed doing this course.

That thing above is my first try at a sonnet and it follows the ABAB CDCD EFEF GG rhyme format, consists of 14 verses, an example of Chiasmus and well, some emotions. The prompt we were given to use was “future” and yes, I’d love to know what you think of it. 🙂

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20 thoughts on “Sonnet: Twenty days.

  1. lifeconfusions says:

    I know nothing about the technical aspect of poetry, sonnets or whatever, all I know is I loved it. I love how it contains so many emotions in just few lines. Everything from sadness to longing to despair…You are so talented Twinny! ❤

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