2015, Passages

Foolish is he who what?

Hullo, butterfly!

I see you have planned to fly, and that too to no ordinary place but Cigám! But are you sure you want to do that? I mean, yes it looks green and pretty but you see, all which shines is not grass.

You want to leave behind your family, your own red flower and friends, but have you even considered the consequences of this journey? What if something damages your wings? What if it’s a journey towards doom?

Okay, I understand you obviously don’t care and would happily sacrifice a hundred more lives instead– or wings– had you been blessed with ’em (which is honestly unrealistic and highly sentimental a statement). But what you don’t see is how nobody ever comes out of there once they get in! Monsters live there, my fly! Maaunsters.

So, erm, are you sure you want to take this  huge lil’ step? [n]


12 thoughts on “Foolish is he who what?

  1. Let not the wings of the ‘fly,
    Be clogged with winds of why.
    What if that small leap of faith,
    Crowned with serendipity’s wreath,
    Does echo inside?—
    Eldritch paradise.

    (Well, deep and thoughtful passage. Indeed.)

  2. Asalam o Alaikum,

    Kiya haal chaal hian janaab key …. bus Ameer Khaane kay aage se guzar raha tha … to soocha haal chaal he pooch lu ( … nacheez bhi Alhumdulillah theek thaak hai …. BTW…!!!)

    Was just missing you too much … Sorry can’t stay long … because unlike some … WELEY … NIKAMO … kay i have to go to work tomorrow … lolx ….!!! :p

    BTW …. loved the post … although it went way over my head …. or I am just to much sleepy …!!! Take care …. and stay blessed…!!!

    • Wa’alaikum assalam!

      I am theek, alhamdulillah. Thank you. Good to know that you are, too. :p
      You loved the post although it went way over your head. Won’t blame you for that. :p

      Thank you for stopping by, Mani. 🙂 Blessings and best. 🙂

  3. Main udungi na…
    Tum kaun hoti ho mujhe daraane waali? Huh!
    Khud to ud ni paayi… Doosron ko hidaayat deti ho… Sharam ni aati?

    Pankh kat jaayenge to dekh ni paaungi wo khoobsoorati… Par… Darr ke baitungi to bhi to ni dekh paaungi na?

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