2015, Urdu musings

Bandagi supardagi~

Insaan khuda banna chahta hae. Isay apnay wujood ki takmeel samajhta hae yani ke wo khudai hasil karay. Us ki paristish ki jaye din raat. Jism mandir, rooh zindagi! Subah kay sitaray ke chamaknay se raat ka chaand madham honay tak, shor se sannatay aur sannatay se shor tak, takleef me aur rahat me, har qadam sirf “ehsaas”. Aik aiteraaf. Aik naam. Koi kahay, aap aali maqaam! Inayat ho!

Kuch loug beharhaal ibadat nahi kar patay. Bandagi pe poora nahi utartay aur phir zamana unhain thokron pe chor deta hay. Aam mazahib ki tarah yahan bhi itaab nazil hota hay, aur sach maanye tou khudai ka dawa karnay walay inn lakhon khudaon me rehmaniat ki phir aik ramaq bhi baqi nahi rehti!


16 thoughts on “Bandagi supardagi~

  1. English Adaptation (feeble attempt):

    The Art of Submission

    Man wants to become a God…
    Considers that as an ultimate goal, the final act of an evolution…
    To behold supreme influence, to make word impossible totally non-existent.
    To become involved as a commandeering authority in every matter, big or little.

    No temple, other than a body…
    No soul, other than a mind…

    From rise of the golden gong, to withering of the silver crown…
    from songs of rains and waves, to dance of planets in silence…
    from storms and tides in ocean, to composure at the surface…
    At each step… “A feeling”…
    A confession…
    An only wish…

    To hear it said…
    “You are best, you’re ultimate!”

    Some people, nevertheless, are unable to meditate…
    They can’t stand up to an idea of only engagement, the total surrender!
    And then the world unbinds them, leaving them to float like an asteroid does in space…

    Like in traditions of various religions, there’s no catastrophe, no ultimate judgement…
    Bluntly speaking, among those who claim to be the supreme authority over everything,
    in such thousands of man-gods, not even a speck of compassion or trace of benevolence remains!

    • You are so good at this..!
      I love how your lines read. Thank you for honoring my work with your fine adaptation.

      About there being no catastrophe though… I think it is this which actually brings most severe sufferings for one ‘unable’ to do what is ‘due’, thanks to the extreme humanness of man-gods.

      • I interpreted and reflected in as: There’s no natural catastrophe, but only the one that they have called upon themselves…!
        Love is the ultimate mercy, and from such societies slowly the concept of love eradicates, or is replaced by definitions that has nothing to do with love… Since ultimately it’s only a true love that introduced us to experience of submitting to one you trust even greater than self!
        One can imagine, what would happen to a society where there’s no such feeling at all…

  2. I am new to your blog. i really liked your words. i have a feeling that even if we are following our religion, deep inside us, an unconcious part of us wants to be the “god”. i strongly believe its our weakness of belief!

    • Welcome to my blog and thank you for your kind appreciation! I agree. But I am not so sure if it’s just about our weakness in Imaan or our capacity of humanness. Maybe it is something put in all of us, to see how we groom it and how it guides us… or not.
      Thanks again for stopping by! I hope you visit again. 🙂

  3. Hi Maria,

    This is so beautifully written. Kya baat hai. Dil ko chhooti hain ye alfaz, lekin afsos jinko samajhne ki shayad sabse jyada jarurat hai, wo nahi samajh paate inhe.

    Insaan khud banna chahta hai, magar irony ye hai ki insaan upar uthane ki jagah, neeche gart me fasa jaa raha hai.

    I wonder this problem – man wants to be the Supreme Being God – is not any new phenomenon. History tells us that in every age and every region, man has tried it. Or may be God made us that way, with this inherent flaw in humans, who knows.

    We can atleast try to be closer to him by having compassion in our hearts for our brethren. This is what all the religions in the world teach us.

    • Bohat shukriya, Suyash!

      You are right. History tells us that it has always been tried, or maybe God has put it in us. This inherent flaw! This opening, this light. Jo khud ko Khuda samajhnay lagtay haen, sarkashi pe utar atay haen. Lekin baaz apnay andar maujood Khuda ki ramaq se ‘Khud’ ko dhoondnay me lag jatay haen.

      I totally agree and love what you said. By trying compassion, by filling our hearts with Love, maybe we can achieve what we want to achieve. Get closer to Him and find Supremacy, in its real meaning.

      It was great reading from you. 🙂 Thank you!

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