2015, My Writings

Father’s Day

When the baby was given in her hands, the mother let out a scream of joy. A flood rolled down her eyes and laughters full of life and love echoed all about. She was standing on the gates of heaven.

When the baby was shown to the father, he refused to pick her up. A daughter, oh? Not mine. He stayed as quiet as a ghost until they were in the hospital ward, and only became a devil when they reached home. This, he pointed to the bundle of new breathes, is not to live here. Take the filth away!

That day, a TV set broke. A row of perfume bottles was thrown to the floor. A knife was shown to threaten the weaker sex. Curse words were gifted. Tears were shed. Hell visited house.

That day, mother didn’t leave. That day, baby didn’t weep. That day, my father didn’t sleep.


29 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. miss.mysterious says:

    [ I am the FIRST person to comment for the FIRST TIME ] YAY πŸ˜€
    Yep,not the Father’s Day type. XD
    It is fascinating how a writer can put so many emotions and scenes in just a few paras. Wowly done,Maria!. ^.^

    Ahmmm….So next time I want you to write I know what dhamkee will work XP

  2. hiba98 says:

    These kind of stories/narrations make me so sad. Daughters are a bigger blessing than sons. They’re the ones who stand as a wall between their fathers and the flames of hell. It’s an honor only the daughters have.
    It’s upsetting when Muslim families do this. It’s not a big deal for many but even my mom sometimes tells people with daughters to not worry ’cause Allah will soon bless them worth a son insha Allah. But what is that supposed to mean? That the daughter is not enough?

    • You’re right. It’s not a big deal for most but still some people do that. The mentality persists. People degrade daughters and choose sons over them, or consider them burdens on the family which is just sad. I have seen girls who are scared of their fathers, who long for their love, and who can’t simply have free conversations with him. When Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the set example, his loving, kind and respectful behavior to his women should be followed fully too.

      • hiba98 says:

        I know right. And I cannot empathize this enough: my heart BREAKS every time I see this kind of a family. Our prophet (SAW) was the man who said that when I deal with my daughters, I have the fear of Allah in my heart.
        And then there are these families and they have nothing but their pride in their heart.
        I think all girls belonging to the Indo-Pak region feel this. Even if their parents are good to them, their relatives behave as though they feel sorry for their parents for having them….
        Have you ever heard a lecture about the Prophet (SAW) and his relationship with his daughters. I swear I cry every time. It’s so beautiful…

        • I don’t think I’ve heard that lecture but I’d love to!

          And well, it’s not like every girl in a desi household has to go through this. I, for one, didn’t, and I know many around me who are treated just equally and don’t have to see biased behaviors. It’s about places where this mindset still persists. It’s true that it happens, and that it affects a daughter’s life in so many ways…

          May Allah make it easy, and may people start understanding what the behavior of the righteous should be!

          • hiba98 says:

            No what I meant was that every girl in a desi household at least SEES this around her…. Maybe some relative makes a comment about it or something. It’s quite frustrating…..
            Well anyhow, if you do want to see a lecture though, I would recommend the one by Nouman Ali Khan on YouTube. It called “its a girl” πŸ™‚

  3. You just broke my heart, Maria. I can’t forgive you for this. The good thing is, your words have become so powerful that they can break hearts you know. Use them wisely πŸ™‚
    Loved this post. So heart breaking yet portrays a dark side of our society so well.
    Pardon me for wandering here and there on your blog. I told you I feel like home here πŸ˜‰

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