Birthday, Pakistan. <3

Desi thingz. Doodle drawn by Emjay.

Just Desi Thingz. Doodle by Mahoor.

Best thing for today: Mime through time (Pakistani version) video. *-* Pls to check. Happy Independence Day!

(I and Miss Maqsood were planning to do a combined Indo-Pak post too, like some nice neighbors-type cheez, but we couldn’t make it due to *insert reasons*. Still, here’s to sending good vibes and wishing for peace and franship.)


14 thoughts on “Birthday, Pakistan. <3

  1. I hate our national day. Instead of ‘Australia Day’ it should be named Imperialist’s Day or Multinational Corporation Day or after one of the other groups our elites have sold this country out to.

    My people call it Invasion Day because it commemorates the date at which Europeans first arrived in force to commence the slaughter of the original inhabitants and the theft of our land. But I guess when it comes to being born in a massacre Australia is pretty small beer compared to Pakistan.

  2. Hiba says:

    Oh, happy independence month!
    I was so upset on 14th because of how I was stuck in Kuwait, unable to celebrate our day. I felt so left out. But I hope you had fun.
    I really pray for a healthy development of Pakistan in all different fields. May Allah bless our youth with the best of health and education. And may He reward all our defenders and martyrs.

    • Aw ❤ but you can always listen to them milli naghmaay (God, we've the best!) and wear green to get them Paki feels, right? ^_^ A friend in KSA (blogger) shared how she wore a badge and got jhandiyan that day. 😀

      Happy independence month to you too! Aameen, summa aameen to that! 🙂 I LOVE THAT SONG TOO. And its presentation on cs. I hope everything is great at your end!

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