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Fifth blogversary! (6/9/15)


randomlyabstract turns five today.

it’s kind of a mess right now, tbh. i also deleted the first one i wrote today. but for the sake of all them cool times i’ve had and people i’ve met and things i’ve written and read and enjoyed and the whole journey which helped me know and grow and stuff, here are free imaginary pizzas and desserts and chocolates and balloons!

thank you everyone for being there. please write a nicer celebratory post on yours.

love, Me.


30 thoughts on “Fifth blogversary! (6/9/15)

    I hope you get your momentum back and grace the blogosphere with a bang inshaAllah!
    Thank you for the Pizzas and the chocolates.
    Thank You for writing!
    Thank You for commenting on Typewriter. 😉

  2. but dude, I only eat real pizzas and desserts and chocolate (not balloons, though.. 😛 ) 😥 not fair.
    :$ many congratulations! this really is SUCH an incredible feat 😀
    May you never, ever stop writing. Ameen. :’)

  3. Pizza’s, chocolates, balloons ? Where Where? Five whole years, WOW!!!
    Congratulations my little darling philosopher. The best writer. The best human being. I Love You.
    I love your blog. I feel like home here, really.
    Many Duaa’s for a beautiful, successful Future. May you live happily ever after, like in fairy tales. Love you loads !

    • Love you more. This warmed my heart. Thank you so much for the sweetest-comment-ever, Lalarukh! You say you feel home here and trust me I couldn’t get a better compliment! Jazakillah for the dua. ‘Happily ever after. Like in fairy tales.’ Sigh. :’) Aameen. I’ll always love this one.

      And. It’s your beauty that you see this so. 🙂 x

  4. Akhiz says:

    Congrats Lala… here is to bohat saray looking forward years of your beautiful writings (raising the glass of Coke).

    and that imaginary Pizza was yumm 🙂

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