Sauces. #2


Should I delete myself or should I delete other things?


What could be more complicated than a mind? When one enters, one loses most of it.


You say it looks like I’m spending a lot of time in my head thinking about life. Aren’t others doing that too? Why not?

Is it bad?

How do you think one would keep on running when they’ve found a shoelace that has come off loose? You want us to fall?

We are mice. Mad mice in a maze. There’s music outside. We don’t know where to go.


Gibberish is the language that understands me. I have so much to say but it doesn’t come how you would want to hear. I am trying to find a way.

Sauces. #1, Trap.


7 thoughts on “Sauces. #2

  1. Hiba says:

    1. Deleting yourself is cowardice. Deleting other things that are toxic or cutting out toxic people from your life is a brave way of moving on and giving yourself some room to breathe.
    2. Minds are complicated, but they’re beautiful too. If one enters your mind, he may find in some wisdom and keep it in his own mind forever. Sharing minds might lead to adding to the wisdom we have, wouldn’t it? I don’t think we’ll lose our minds.
    3. Thinking about life is a wise thing to do. Running with your shoelaces untied is unwise. You’ve gotta stop and get it together. Then run after re-evaluating your life.
    4. My LIFE is gibberish.

  2. 1- Don’t delete. Edit.
    2- Heart is more complicated than mind. When one enters. One loses most of it but gains one thing that is above everything.
    3- Stop. Take a break. Tie all your loose ends. Run again.
    4- Don’t change your language. Change the way you speak it.

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