2015, My Writings


You can stop searching.
I am who I am. I am not yours.
I never was.
You should go away.
And never look back.
Yes, I think I should stop searching.
Yes, you are who you are. Not mine.
You never were.
I should. I should go away.
And never look back.
Send me.
I am yours.
I am yours.
I will always be yours.

19 thoughts on “Conversations.

  1. So first I read this on the WordPress reader preview thing, and the whole thing was arranged as one on top of the other. I thought okay, this is good, but shouldn’t a conversation be arranged in a dialogue form? Then I opened your blog page and I see this: two neat columns acting as perfect dialogue. This is why I love your work. These little pieces of extra creativity. Like that red font the other day. Like these columns.

  2. I was about to post a comment on your brilliance but Ershad did that for me. Then again, good job. I love the wanting and belonging that emanates from those haunting words I am yours.

  3. I love how it started with a strong resolve but then along the way all the resolve seemed to have dissipated and you find yourself right where you were standing before, Not moved an inch.

  4. Hiba says:

    This is so beautiful Maria, I don’t understand how I never commented on this?
    It’s mindblowing.
    I’m probably that one asking to go.

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