22 thoughts on “free

  1. Hiba says:

    I experienced that this year. That it becomes easy eventually but it’s up to me to realize it.
    Also I’m very happy today! šŸ˜€

  2. I reckon the internet is partly to blame. It gives the impression there’s millions of potential new friends just a keystroke away, so getting rid of inconvenient ones you’ve got seems as easy as a keystroke too.

    Problem is that cyberspace friendships aren’t really friendships at all. More like ghosts of friendships. But they can get you into the habit of devaluing face-to-face friendship as well.

  3. There comes a now when humans are unconditional Love living in small groups where each individual life is the potential difference of survival or death of the social unit of one and that is as close to heaven as humans ever get.. There is a now where humans are expendable and easy to delete as tools become God instead of human.. Fortunately some of we still exercise the will under Live and Love to be human as God directs still for human being in heaven of oneness.. Now.. Instead of hell of separation from living OnE..:)

    • Deleting is not easy… It takes years of not knowing, and then realizing, and then failing, and then doing. For some it is, and they are probably lucky to have that power and sense of driving their life their own way.

      Being deleted isn’t easy either, I agree. It’s very painful.

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