2016, Poems and poetry

To move on

How easy
It was
For you
To move on
And fall in love
With this guy
And in his arms,
You’re home.

How easy
You say
It was for me
To move on
And fall in love
With this other guy
And call him home.

How easy
I ask
Do you think
Can it be
To fall out
Of a home
You’ve always called home
When the landlord
Of His Heart
To throw you out
And say:
It is done.

How easy
I ask
Do you think
Could it possibly be
To find
The curtains, red, of your passion
Lit by fire
That extinguishes never
Even after
You’ve sprayed
Countless bottles
Of healing water.

How far
Had we come
And how far
Are we now.
But do you see
The scars
I still have
Just about everywhere?

And right now
You stand
And ask
How easy
It was
For me to move on
It was not
Easy at all.


17 thoughts on “To move on

  1. Definitely not easy at all. That’s why I believe that a relationship between a man and a woman is unique. Just one man for one woman for all of life. I believe the two become one, and so when divorce or breakup happens, it’s like a ripping of oneself. Ripping in half.
    So yes, I totally agree with you Ria. It’s not easy at all.
    Well done, my friend.
    🙂 ❤

  2. This is an amazing piece Ria. I love how you begin with “How easy it was” but ended with the reality, which is “it was Never easy”. Lord knows it isn’t easy at all.

  3. Sorry for skipping around the blog but I have to say : you’ve grown immensely as a poet and this reflects in your work!

    Now i’ll silently go through the rest of the things I have missed on this blog 😉

      • Oh a bit of this and a bit of that has kept me away 😁
        On a serious note its just laziness and studies..since you mentioned Urdu poetry here’s another gem I have stumbled upon:

        Shaoor ka hai karishma ya shoaq e tanhaai
        K rafta rafta dil se utar rahey hain log

        • I seee. Where’s your blog, though? You wrote a naat last se last Ramadan, nahi? (I hope I’m not mixing things here; I recall reading a very amazing Urdu poem on yours.)

          Shukran for sharing this! I love it when people do that.

          Good everything to you, m. 🙂

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