How did we reach here?

Hey, here. I know it’s eating you. Come to me. Talk about it. Tell me how it happened.
I am not judging you, no. Not today, not ever. Just sit here, please, now you do. And say. That’s all I ask from you.
Tell me how you see yourself. Tell me how you see the world. Tell me, how has it changed since last time?
What was the last time? What happened between that point and this, tell me that. Please speak to me. You know you should. Now you should.
So, that time and this is different? It is. What’s different?
Please look at me.
Yes, say. What’s different? How do you think it has changed you?
Do you remember how you were before?
How this world felt under your feet?
Where is that energy? Is it still your strength? Or has it taken another form? Something else that only you know of? How do you like it? You do like it, don’t you?
You won’t tell?
What makes you feel weak, pray say!
What makes you feel good? Share with me.
Does anything surprise you anymore? Does it stop hurting? Does it even hurt at all? Can you feel? Do you wish you could stop feeling? Do you ever want to turn off the faucet from which life flows?
What do you want?
What are you giving?
What have you lost?
What do you miss?
What makes your day?
What keeps you going?
What would you say without me asking these questions? What would finally set you free?

How did we reach here? Tell me, please.


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