Pillow houses

When we were younger, we made these play-houses out of blankets and pillows. There is this small area under a fixed computer table in one of our bedrooms where we would sit, and because it would be so hot we’d also put a portable fan to the side. Then we would close the frontal opening with stuff and take different roles.

A few days ago when my nephew was here, I fixed a pillow house for him. He was sitting by the wall where a rolled carpet stood leaning, and he was sad and angry because his uncle had refused to share the computer with him. I saw that his eyes were brimming with tears—I mean, can you visualize that? A three year old gorgeous guy who is just about to cry? So I came into action and pulled pillows from my bed. Then, with the rolled-carpet as our main pillar, we put a pillow-gate and a pillow-wall, and went inside. Excited as we now were, we played pretend, took pictures, laughed together, and once again a different world was created in our lives: awesome and away.

Just felt like writing it down here. On a side note, Eid Mubarak, you!! 🙂 Also, as 6th September marked my blog’s 6th anniversary, here’s a yayay. *passes balloons*

To be honest, I used to be very passionate about blogging before but now I’m not. I still do love this space like home but things have since then changed. My stats tell me this is only my 10th post for the present year, which, if compared to a yearly average of 80+, is of course amazingly low. HOWEVER, I do believe I will reclaim it soon enough like I want to. Not too soon but still soon inshaAllah. I hope to do that.


13 thoughts on “Pillow houses

  1. accidentallyinked says:

    I’m glad you did that! You know some people would’ve just given the kid a mobile phone so that he can play games or something! 😛
    Even I used to make pillow houses but we used to use chairs also and then have a chaadar on it so you know it is stronger andnot roofless. XD
    Happy anniversary! ❤ ❤

    • randomlyabstract says:

      I knowwww. I mean, hum adults kuch kam pagla rahay hain jo bachon ke hath me bhi har waqt gadgets de dety hain sab? It’s the saddest way to distract them so they won’t distract us.
      And YES! I know this chadar wala, we used to do this too. xD actually first I had thought of adding this one in the post as well but then I just wrote blankets and pillows and didn’t explain ye process. This type had such an atmosphere though! I’ll hopefully make one again with him next time i’A! (You should too.) 🙂

      Finally, thank you! ❤

      • accidentallyinked says:

        Maria we are clever you know 😛 blankets would make us feel suffocated,I tell you by experience. XD
        Haha after making these type of houses I’ve also made ‘Club House’ outside with a bunch of old things. 🙂 Memories! Aaah. ^_^
        Yes,In sha Allah I will too!
        Aww you’re welcome. ❤

          • accidentallyinked says:

            Ahem you know what type of trees they have here are….date palms!
            So this girl once tried climbing,she was in the club house as well.Going up wasn’t THAT hard but when she tried coming down…she got hurt really bad!She didn’t fall it was just that the rough trunk hurt her everywhere! 😦
            I have also tried climbing but date palms seem really high so I go like less than half way up and jump down. 😛
            You get me right? There aren’t many branches to hang on to and stuff.And the other tress well I should try. XD
            My brother does.

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