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A boring blog about exciting new things

University starts today! And it’s my fourth year – I find that kind of unbelievable and also amazing! I mean, it almost feels like abhi ki baat that I went through this admission process and now I am writing this with so many thoughts and ideas and memories in my mind, six semesters already down.

universitydiaries_randomlyabstractThe photo above shows a path and a moment I treasure. It’s a pretty simple one actually, May 2015, around 5 pm-ish. We had evening papers and I had got done with mine, everyone I knew had already left campus so the place was mostly empty save a few strangers. And there I sat with a journal and a juice box, my back to a bricked wall, hands busy writing. Favorite kind of solitude.

My experiences here have been great — with people, places, food, friends, events, sfsadgfag. I think I will go into all that later. Right now I will keep ranting about how time slipped so fast, which is again cliched but khair. I remember when my aani was eighteen and shifted permanently to Pakistan, she took a Montessori training course. That woman in that age was my idea of cool. Eighteen was supposed to mean independent, having fun, over the world. Years and years later, on the midnight of my own eighteenth birthday, I was silently crying because I didn’t want it. Nope, skip skip. *Sigh* Now I’m freshly 21 and stepping into my FINAL university year, going to get a MASTERS degree pretty soon (inshaAllah) (not imagining how different life would be after it’s all over) and an aani to a three year old fantastic.


So the point is I’ve lost motivation to make this post interesting but I still found a title that does justice that one of my most important years is here, like right here, and I am kinda excited, hopeful, yay and also bleh, but mostly looking forward to trying out a newer range of awesome!

*{aani means khala/aunt/mom’s sister. You didn’t know?!}
**happy new year, hi


28 thoughts on “A boring blog about exciting new things

  1. Congratulations! And best of luck. Time is passing by too fast. Last year I was giving my final professional exam this time. And this year I’m sitting in the hosp looking after patients.
    I wish we could freeze time at some points in our lives. Final years are always memorable.
    Hope you have a great one ❤

    • Oh hello doctor! I agree. Sometimes I think that way about freezing moments too. And then about preserving them, taking all they can give and hopelessly trying to fill it in for eternity.
      Thank you for your kind wishes! ❤

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  4. I think I can recognize that passage 😎 So we have a Masters degree in the house! Wah Bhai..Yahan to 23 me b graduation ka scene complete nai hua hai 😂😂
    Also agreeing that older cousins and relatives looked so cool and put together back then and now I feel like being like all over the place as an adult…I wonder how kids view us 😂
    P.S. Hi 😊

    • Haha! Ab tou mujhay bura feel horaha hai. xD

      So you’re twenty threee! There’s something good about knowing these things. And man, yes. I wonder how kids see us. Like there was this meme about us looking for adults in a sticky situation and then realizing we are them adults. Sighh!

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