A cry for help
Sometimes sounds like,
“Hey! How was your day? Tell me everything.”
But I am not really concerned about the buffets you ate
Or the guy who complimented you while you were both standing at the parking lot – not that I mind hearing about your purple dress and his dreamy, deep voice – for a fifth, sixth, eighth time
Not that I mind anything. I am more than fine
Knowing about your old aunt’s hellick habit of interfering in your personal life
Her probing questions and your oh-so-smart turndowns
“That would teach her!” Of course,
I don’t mind, I don’t mind
As long as it fills my silence
As long as it shuts the madman pinning needles in my mind
Tell me how your day was.



12 thoughts on “plē.

  1. Hiba says:

    Please be okay… and well I really do wonder.. how was your day..?
    Also, you’re an amazing writer. Did I ever tell you that? Probably a million times before, but still, I’ll say it again, you’re a brilliant writer.
    I hope you’re well.

    • randomlyabstract says:

      Hiba! ❤
      I'm okay and not okay but mostly fine. My day was fine too. Aaj na university me presentation honi thi but my professor was so angry at students jo late hogaye ke he took attendance pehly se hi and then he was like, jo present hai abhi they get ten marks without presenting their presentation even. I was, and it was such a whoaa moment! (Even though I'd really like to talk about my topic in class; it's that book you read an excerpt from – Labbaik – and I absolutely love it!)

      Thank you for your super kind comment. I love you for that. And I'm sorry for replying so late. I remembered it, and I wanted to, too. But I couldn't.
      I hope you're well too 🙂

      • Hiba says:

        Maria, I’m glad you’re okay… and… not okay… as long as you believe that it’s just part of life and face it like the strong young woman that you are 🙂
        And whoa, thank God you weren’t late to that class. But aww man, you didn’t get to give that presentation? It would’ve been quite an intriguing one.. Kia yaar, students late nahi hongay toh kia koi aur hoga? xD
        Shouldn’t get this angry at them, poor them, did he fail them for their presentations? God, it must be awful to prepare for something and then have your teacher fail you cause you were late…
        I mean I do understand the importance of being on time, but failing them..? Lol, i guess they must’ve learnt their lesson that way..
        And Alhamdulillah, everything’s well with me. After days of working and studying and stressing, our firm organized a program for the female employees of the company as a belated women’s day celebration. We first had lunch and then we went to skycinemas to watch Hidden Figures. It’s an amazing film *_*
        The whole day was so amazing.. being surrounded by young, positive women, willing to share experiences, and thoughts, smiling, laughing, talking, and complimenting each other.. It’s therapeutic honestly.
        And I had been so badly in need of such a day, Alhamdulillah for finally getting it yesterday ^_^

        • randomlyabstract says:

          Haha no, I think I’ll still get to give mine (maybe with some bonus marks, at least?) and so will the others! He is an amazing teacher, one of my favorites. I’m working under his supervision for my thesis too.

          And that’s so great! I haven’t watched Hidden Figures but it sounds nice. That was some good Women’s day celebration! 😀 The best part being in company of “young, positive women, willing to share experiences, and thoughts, smiling, laughing, talking, and complimenting each other.” 🙂 When are we meeting? xD

          • Hiba says:

            lol when I get married! I’ll need supportive women on my marriage xD
            And yes, the film is really really good. In fact you should watch it too, it’s about the achievements of black women in a time of racial discrimination. Was an incredibly beautiful film. 🙂
            And InshaAllah I hope you give a brilliant presentation. 🙂

          • Hiba says:

            lol I know! These days I’ve been hearing about so many marriages too! xD
            And haha I’ll get married after ACCA, so let’s pray for that first 😂
            And iA, do watch. 🙂

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