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Another cobalt blue sky lit by innumerable stars. Tiny, bright pockets of fairy-light. We sit just by the river, taking in the fresh scent of dewy grass, soft wind, and the feeling of our togetherness.

My feet are crossed and my heart is full. We don’t have enemies anymore – neither Time, nor the World. We are doing fine.

I stand up and step into the blue river. Your hand is in the water and you are splashing at it gently. As my feet touch its cool, smooth surface, we hear a strange music start. It’s coming from a distance but it feels so very near, so very soothing. Or was it from our hearts? I imagine stars coming closer – those tiny pockets of fairy-light falling to dance with me, and I look at you. You are smiling too.

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32 thoughts on “♫heart·strings

  1. I like how it has a poetic feel and offers rich imagination. The idea of two people so deeply receded in their own selves and well, in each other, that they can hear their own heart strings, is fascinating too.

  2. This was so beautiful, i could literally see this image in my head of how it would be to experience this, and it made my heart warm. ❤
    Hope you've been well 🙂

    • I find it amazing that you experienced it in this way. Thank you for letting me know, and also for being the wonderful thing that you are!

      How are you? Been a while since you wrote here. (Or maybe you’re enjoying tumblr better?) 🙂

      • Haha noo, I just have been busy with work and studies. But thankfully my internship contract is ending and I’m gonna be visiting pakistan for a month… so I’ll probably have loads to write about…
        And you’re more wonderful, Maria 🌹

          • Wait for my health to get better first.. 😭
            I had brought cough here from Kuwait and now I’ve got flu from here and I’m still kind of anticipating the upset stomach like every time..
            And yaar, tell me good places to visit in Karachi apart from the beaches..
            My maamu comes and asks on weekends where I wanna go but I don’t know any places so we end up at the beach every time..

          • Awh man! I hope you get well real soon! ❤

            Did you visit Port Grand?? How about Lal Qila/ Village? Also there's Al Habib restaurant at Highway. Very cool! 😛 Baqi I can think of some parks and malls if you wanna know (and more food-related places – but if you're unwell already, maybe I should skip those lol)


          • Port grand I went 3 years ago and all I liked there was the dodging cars. That’s it.
            Never went to Lal qila. Will try suggesting that to maamu. And tell me park kind of places. I want to see pretty things and have fun.
            Khaana toh wesay hi maamu hamesha bohat shauk se khilaa dete hain 😂
            And it’s okay. I don’t mind your late replies 🙂

          • Haha! Mai bhi kaafi pehlay gai thi but there was this art gallery there and it stole my heart.

            Check Frere Hall. Parks me there’s Bin Qasim that’s quite famous. Hill Park I’ve visited countless times since childhood. Dodging cars wahan bhi hain shayd. xD Have you been to Safari park? Also, are you into museums?

            (♥ for your last sentence cuz it felt warm.)

          • I’d love to go to museums but I think my brother and mom won’t enjoy it so much. I’ll try out the parks though. And definitely if there’s dodging cars!
            Last maamu just took us to bahria town to show us around cause mom has been thinking of buying a plot..
            So we went to some garden there and had water gun fight. It was best. ❤

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