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Life of a Happy Girl*

If you’re happy** and you know it and you really want to share it with your family, brace yourselves for comments like:

“What’s the great news? Are you getting married? Already found someone?”

Haha. You really thought I was going to announce just that in front of the entire family?


“Bohat mubarak ho!! Allah tumharay naseeb achay karay.”

“Ohhh I’m so happy for you! *Insert jhappi* Allah tumhain bohat acha miya de.”

“Haye that’s so wonderful! May Allah give you more success in this life and Hereafter. And may you have a great husband/ married life.”

“I am so happy about your success! Also I was just saying to your uncle that may you get a spouse like —. Then your uncle said, why not a spouse even better than —. I said yes, may so be!”

OH, MY, ALLAH!!! I am looking for presents not husband atm!!

* in a desi aka (blunt stereotype but) obsessed-with-shadi society

*** not saying these are the only kind of responses cuz there’s an AMAZING variety but you get the point


18 thoughts on “Life of a Happy Girl*

  1. GH says:

    Quite understandable, but isn’t it that this sincerity and concern completes our so-splendid and cheerful desi lives? At times it could be irritating, but in fact, it is the beauty of our ethos – full of vibrant colors, memories and happiness. Good times! Cheers!

    • Not disagreeing with you on that. Not doubting on their love or sincerity either 🙂 but it’s the shadi-centered ideology that comes every time, for most girls in our setup, just about everywhere, and usually from a very early age.
      Thanks for stopping by!

    • SIGH! How do you respond? There was this scene and I was going to share a news that was entirely academic (will write about it later hopefully) when I got my first comment of the kind. I was like, okay then, and very dramatically: “Hello everyone, mainay shadi karli hai.” Everyone laughed. Then I got on with the original thing.

  2. Lol. I guess girls face these more than guys. We are mostly asked about our jobs and salaries, which of course, is not an enquiry about your career goals but an indirect trick of checking whether you are marriage material or not.

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