2018, Poems and poetry, raw and rough

No edits.

It still means a cold hard blow
cold hard blow on the heart
like someone hammers it into pieces
while looking sideways
you’re so hurt yourself, you say
it was never intentional to reach
here. this
is our collective mistake. or something from the universe
if only you could stop right now
if only you could go back in time
one last time back in time one last —
you’d do it again.

You would.


6 thoughts on “No edits.

  1. Oh i would not, for sure. Going back in time could never be good Maria, i donโ€™t think it could be. Only the thought that if we could go, we would. Thatโ€™s good. Still love your raw honest emotions in your words. Just read your recent post too, you have scatterred a lot of very strong words with full stops between them but i knew how to join them, trust me i knew ๐Ÿ™‚ Love you, hope you are well xx

    • I do trust you on that. Such a strong, wordless connection here. It’s always so good to read from you. To have this ‘Lala Rukh’ named reminder. I hope you’re well too. And that everything is good inshaAllah. Love. x

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