A decade with WordPress! OOF.

randomlyabstract is 10 years old and I’m 24! WHAAAT! I opened this blog today to write this very old, little to-do list sorta notebook I found from 2009-10 today and found this annual notification (this one being so special of course). Coincidence much because that diary mentions this blog as well and apparently I used to mention other stuff in it like my online activity, my school activity (aka which subject to prepare for) and more IMPORTANT things I had to jot down to remember sharing with whomever it concerned, etc.  Like?

I love and hate this weird rush of everything that has happened in the past 10 years. It was a lot. I run a new WordPress-hosted website now but this place will FOREVER be home. ❤ I know that I feel like a stranger here sometimes and hurt myself by backspacing a lot of things I wish I could write but on the whole, I can always return to this part of my “self” and find solace in the randomly abstract world that it is.


10 thoughts on “A decade with WordPress! OOF.

  1. Congratulations, I have been one of your followers since earlier days and good to see you still keeping this alive. Blogging seems to be an era gone too quickly and less and less people are doing it anymore. kudos and hope to see more of this continued.

    • Thank you! I totally remember reading yours but had no idea you followed mine as well. Eddie’s domain was one of the cooler places! 😀

      And I totally agree — it was very different back then. I guess I just can’t let go of it (and secretly hope I never have to) 🙂

        • Hahah no! Totally didn’t mean it like that. But cool blogs back then were like seniors in school. Maybe like Twitter celebrities? They had their own atmosphere and circle. :p I know I loved your content, and a quick look tells me it’s still the same good quality that I looked up to.

  2. Haha but yeah jokes apart you are right, that atmosphere was something else. Good decent circle of people appreciating and enjoying the content on those blogs. Good times.

  3. Whoah. This is epic, Maria. I am proud of you for keeping this blog running for a decade already.👏🏻 🙌🏻
    I’ve been here at the same time, too, but I’ve been hiatus for a long time. I think the Daily Prompt helped kept going back in those days. The community before was immense, passing Awards, tagging post-challenge. It was fun.

    • Hey, thank you!! I am so excited to see someone from that time because yesss to all of what you said. DP was amazing, it kept us all going. There were challenges too, I remember taking poetry challenges with WordPress and it was so fun. We would all connect and communicate with writers around the globe. I know I felt really bad when they stopped the Daily Prompt. It was THE meeting place.

      Awards and tagging and reblogging! Good times we had.

      Thank you for sharing! ❤

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