By the roaring waves!

freaking samosas

Calm painting isn’t for me. I paint madly. I destroy it when I can’t destroy the world. I love realistic, expressionistic, this and that art. I look at them all day. But for me, it’s all passion and fever. It’s what I used writing for. Poetry was a condensed form. Paintings are those but turned outward.

The first time I learned about abstract art was in grade 4. Miss Sadia taught us. I had no idea what it really was but I fell in love. This is…also where the abstract in my blog identity comes from. Random was for words, abstract was for art. randomlyabstract itself was bigger because it was all of me.

When taye-abba bought a huge canvas for his huge lounge and asked little me, “Maria do you know what this is?” I simply said, “abstract art” and he was so surprised I knew the term. Wo alag baat hai ke the painting had “love” written on it like a secret code jisay tab discover kiya jab taye-abba bhi nahi the.

Zendagi megzara. I used to love this term. It’s from the kite runner. Ouch that I used to read so many books. Now I mostly just give them away.

A cousin asked me that now that you’re getting married will you be throwing off your art supplies? I was like no? Like what? Allah na karay!

What else? Ho gaya ya aur rehta hai? Let me assess and get back to you. Laters baby!

Oh and until then, a work in progress:


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