2020, Event


So I got nikkahfied (we signed our wedding papers) and wanted to share the big news here on my oldest home. It’s such an explicable feeling – like a precious secret, a divine gift. Alhamdulillah & mashaAllah! ❤ Rem in duas, k?


9 thoughts on “Nikkahfied!

  1. The Prophet ﷺ said (the meaning of which is) that between two people who love each other, there is nothing better than Nikkah. 😊

    From the bottom of my heart, May Allah Pak bless this joining of two hearts, two souls and two families. Forever the the bonds of love may keep growing stronger. May each of you be a source of strength and joy for each other in all the times, good or bad (there will be, since it’s life). In happy times and in sad.

    Stay Blessed. Ameen

  2. A. Usman says:

    Almost a semester late 😬 here to give you my heartiest congratulations and wish you all the very best in your life. May you two be forever together, Ameen.

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