By the roaring waves!

My art collection: Texture weds Emotion

I… well hi first.

It’s been a long time. I kinda switched my blogging area from randomlyabstract to something more private. Somewhere I could still write without feeling judged. Without them demons peeking up. Without thinking about…. you see, this. Exactly this. Anyway, so I became letterfeels.

And an artist.

Randomlyabstract was also always an artist, that’s what the abstract in the name was for. I might rename letterfeels and become who I always was, am, will be. But anyway, this is an exciting post to share a big news with whoever still passes by!

I launched my first ever art collection on my own website — which, also, I created myself! Big things, right? So unbelievable.

Check it out here: and tell me you love it and you love me, kay? I feel a little (only a little) weirded out saying all of this here but this is home. I don’t want to not share it here. This is where it all started. This is where I’ll always come to be me.


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