By the roaring waves!


bus yehi sara masla hai na yaar. bhool jati tou sukoon hota. magar ye kambakht shayiri hoti hi tumhe dekh ke hai.

hum hain tum ho aur ye jahaan. abay nahi, tum hi tou nahi ho. aik khali yad, veeran bayaban. balkay andheri sarrak. han. aur wahan akeli aurat kharay rasta tak rahi hai.

mm it’s getting scary. it was supposed to be deep. like a blue sky on which silver studs are stitched? and then i look at it and i look into your eyes and my heart flutters! we’re sitting in a park, there aren’t many people around. wet grass, bare feet. why am I thinking about you? no. wait.

And then you hold my hand. fuck you though. what a lie you’ve always been.


2 thoughts on “3:18

  1. مانا اس جہاں میں کوئی رنج و غم نہیں ہے
    سب ہے میری جھولی میں فقط تو ہی نہیں ہے

    Inspiring as always 🙂

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