2022, By the roaring waves!


You are my place. My safe haven, the only home to all of my poetry.

You are the mystical embrace. You are my dark man’s space.

I have become so much more in the years. So much more than a girl who loves to write in her diaries.

I make diaries now.

It’s not weird, it’s classic. This is where the mind whirls and we only end up with cliches.

2022, By the roaring waves!, Poems and poetry

purr poetre

Yikes. You walk all the way from the mountains to the village to the city to your own bed where he says he fucks you hard
and then a therapist and a coffee café and another guy and some French and some toast and a shard

And then you come back to the room to the bed your parents got for you and a can of milk, a laptop brand new and you say
You cannot write?

What else do you want! — a life?