2014, Event, Lala's Wedding Week

Jo khaye wo pachtaye!

This is the last post in the Wedding Week series.

Lalarukh, the first most beautiful and noticeable thing about you, which I like a lot, is your name. And the second best thing I think, is your sincerity and creativity.

You once wrote how fake ‘I understand you’ type phrases are could be, and that one doesn’t actually need them because another doesn’t really understand. I agree with that. Nobody knows anybody very well, they don’t see where we come from, how we think, what we do. But the thing is, Lala, we’re all a bunch of readers and writers. And words are powerful creatures that crawl right inside without us knowing, or knowing still.

I wish for you the best as your ‘real events’ now begin. Have an exciting journey ahead, lots of best wishes and prayers sent your way. ♥

Lalarukh_RAP.S. I wish this was a better last-post-type-thing but I’m almost out of words. Oh, Aiman has to say something:

Lala_A_RASo yes, may Allah bless you both and keep you people happy together, in the best of health, imaan, and everything.

نیک تمناٗوٗں کے ساتھ۔
ھمیشہ خوش رھئے۔

*sobs, sobs*
**some sad rukhsati songs in bg**


Thank you all for being a part of this. Your support and presence made this week’s celebration possible. (:
Special thanks to Moniba for painting the header and helping me out in deciding the background, Rexie and Aiman for their beautiful poems, Arindam for his guest post, Sahil, Ahmed Usman, and Mani for the Reblogs and all those who commented, thank you for adding colors here!

2014, Lala's Wedding Week

“Guest post: Oysters in Sea”

These words which I write in endless flow
These words which shine in their eternal glow
These words which carry emotions pristine
O please be my witness in these moments divine
O carriers of love and emotions and tears
Inscribed within you are haunting fears
O messengers of joy, destroyers of pain
The poet’s heart, dancing in rain
May all the words of ecstasy and hope
And blessings and love and joys elope
May a star so bright, glow in your heart
That the darkness of sorrows be torn apart.

*Hides the gift, wrapped in the glittering wrapper*

Never in my wildest of dreams had I imagined that life in the blogosphere would lead to this day. A day when I would be celebrating the most innovative wedding on the planet. And that too the wedding of my sister. Words after all are not mere words…

Dear Lala, you are truly one of the most simple, amazing, lovely, stupid, notorious and childishly arrogant persons I have ever met. And as Continue reading

2014, By the roaring waves!, Lala's Wedding Week

Lalarukh! You look stunning!

[ Okay so, a totally flop way to start this but I don’t know how we do this, Lala. I remember making those daily count-down reminders and childish paintings on Samar’s wedding but that was that. This is this. (so wise, I know ^_^ ]

Alright, you’re supposed to blush bat bat pe and we girls are supposed to sit in a HUGE circle singing songs. That’s how we do it, no? And there’s all these mithaai for you:

They say that the best wedding tip is to realize that one person is always right. And the other is husband.


Summing up from your last post on Anger Management, I think you’re pretty good at this. So he’s truly blessed. ^_^

You’re a wonderful person over all: you’re kind at heart, beautiful inside out, and talented. So yes, like I said, he’s very lucky. 😉

And you’re lucky too. Because okay, where on earth Continue reading