Personal Published

W: This page was last updated lotsa months ago. It’s in a BAD shape. Move!

S: – a story in Dawn, another in Hiba magazine, some poems online, few in uni’s literary mag, some articles elsewhere. That’s all I brag about. And a book we compiled as part of a school project.

D: Story in Dawn’s YW (children’s mag): “A promise“. (A boy in rags is forced to live a poor life and earn for his family until someone changes his life at the cost of a promise.

17th August 2013:

Let’s for once take responsibility and stop blaming Pakistan! – See more at:


  • Poem ‘Slay me O’ death’ — online poetry site.
  • A poem written for a school project in our book ‘Palette of Souls’.

Life Without You! A  poem dedicated to my late grandmother.

Blog post: 2013/06/21/it-was-a-palette-of-souls


6 thoughts on “Personal Published

  1. fahaad humayun says:

    Why don’t you write in Youth Correspondent or other magazines? There are SO MANY MAGAZINES in karachi.

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