Master of Arts, double gold medalist. University of Karachi.
Subjects: Urdu literature, English literature, Psychology. Diploma in Persian language.
Creative Writing (The Craft of Plot) and Creative Writing (The Craft of Character) certificate courses from Wesleyan University online.

Freelance Writing and Editing:

200+ projects for international clients in several niches like travel, real estate, home decor, advertising, law, health, and more.

Website copy is my JAM! I create home and about pages, SEO-optimized articles, product descriptions, you name it.

I’ve also edited novels, a trilogy, poetry books, articles and website copy as a freelance editor and prooferader.

(Check Full Portfolio or Ask for a sample test)

Published Short Stories: Children stories published in popular local magazine Young World by DAWN

Prose and poetry published in several issues of Zau, Ravi, Hiba magazines.

‘Mystical Embrace’

Translation Work:

Translation of Selected Short Stories of Progressive Writers

Worked as a translator for Centre of Publication and Translation, University of Karachi. I’ve translated books and content on modern science, religion, world history, spirituality, linguistics, academic abstracts, and more.

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