2013, By the roaring waves!, Photography

Weekly Photo Challenge: Masterpiece

Diamonds are said to be girls’ best friends. But for me, all kinds of gems and stones hold fascination!

My masterpiece~

My masterpiece~

I have been taking part in these Weekly Photo Challenges, and I don’t mind posting ordinary snapshots taken by me. Because you see nor do I own all that amazing equipment and nor do I travel! But this challenge, Masterpiece had actually been very challenging. I searched my photos from Othello stage plays to wedding decos and unique boxes to other randoms but couldn’t find any suitable. It had to be a place, or a piece of art, nature, or just an object that speaks to you.

So then, I began to play with this photo and ended up creating this; called ‘your masterpiece’ by the photo editor I used. ūüėČ

Anyway I’m glad I came up with at least something before Friday!

Some extremely awesome entries:

By the roaring waves!

Weekly Photo Challenge: TEXTURE

For this new photo challenge too, I wanted to use only the things that I already had. So, I emptied my drawer and found:

  1. A piece of cloth folded in a purse. This was a cloth that I had applied tie-and-dye technique on, few years ago!!
  2. There was this golden wrapper of chocolate that I saved a day ago, because I liked its texture as much as I liked the chocolate itself!!:)
  3. And then, in a small pouch I had put some sharpener shavings, which looked pretty cute to me. So I took them out too!
  4. Lastly, I put in on my carpet, for another texture, with some silly stuff like the golden, wrapped cloth and the shell.

And here comes my stupid photo of TEXTURES!!


Another photo that I took was more trendy, and I guess better.

Trendy Traditional Textures!!!

So this is how I prepared my simple photos for this challenge. Hope you like them:)


By the roaring waves!

~Happy Moments~

Happy moments.

Like the birds sing a sweet song.
Like the rivers strum a lovely tune.
Like the stars serenade the moon.
Like flowers look so pretty in June.
Like water makes violets grow.
Like winter brings flaky snow.
This true and no jest.
Love is the blueprint for happiness.
by Lamar Cole.

The reason for beginning with this poetry here is to tell ya all…that I am sooo happy!!(Alhamdolillah=)

You know what? Today I had a great day!¬† Starting at 8 ‘o clock, I woke up and realized that I woke up late:/ Well,I did not have to goto school, yet there is a great institution that I joined,¬† a couple of days before..So ¬†there, the institute van was about to arrive at any time and I was only stretching my legs and arms, and rolling my eyes, until my bro entered the room and told me to get up!

Ignoring the unnecessary details to tell ya, I reached the inst. at 9 and took my classes till you know, the recess time.After that, the ‘fun’ actually started..! We were to go for an educational trip today, and the trip was to an agricultural professor’s house! You know what? It was one of the MOST amazing places I had ever been to. Let me elaborate:
It was a great bungalow and was full of greenery! Plants, plants and yet plants! Oh and beautiful flowers, things I had never seen before.. Plants from around the world! Cactus, Orchids, and so many more that I couldn’t memorize the names of!

There were ponds, three small ones; with the purpose of moisturizing the plants, set at an equal distance from another. Surrounded by rocks and shells and filled up with a variety of fishes..Gold fish, red fish, black fish, cat-fish:P And yes, their darling kids:D… And there was one huge pond too.With the best decor and fishes.Other then that, there was,¬†of course, a variety of plants..¬†Plants¬†that required no medium, those on water, those on land..Those having their pots filled up with coal instead of mud…And those-hanging creatures!¬†Pretty-est lotuses on ponds!Those awesome awesome plants, pineapples and coconuts…!And so much more!

And then, the professor and his wife explained to us about those various plants and then helped us in planting our own, by giving us proper instructions!And then we had juice and biscuits, which appeared to be great refreshments for all of us then!