2013, By the roaring waves!


She's gone, they say..

She’s gone, they say..

A Poem by Moniba

Dull leaves, wilted flowers..
Dry grass, bent trees..
Dirty baskets, unkempt shrubs..
Caked shovels, arid soil..
She’s gone, she died.
There’s no one to care..
The flowers miss her,
The winds call to her..
The skies are sad,
The ocean weeps..
She’s gone they say,
She’s lost to the world.
This is not by me, its by Moniba, shared because its lovely! 🙂
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Weekly Photo Challenge: FALL

Like the first fall of snow,

Like the leaves that fall helpless.

Like the tears that fill the baby’s eye,

Like the sorrow of a hungry bird.

Like a small drop of rain

On the barren, dry land.

Giving it life once again.

Like the roar of wind,

And the cracking of door hinges,

Like a pen out of ink,

Like all the love that existed,

Every breath of mine takes your name!♥

-Maria Imran.


Artistry: Amna and Yusra.

Artistry: Amna and Yusra.

The photos and the poetry are the properties of Randomlyabstract.

Photo sketched by Yusra (my sister) and Amna (my aunt)!