2013, By the roaring waves!, Poems and poetry, Urdu musings

Because she said it was raining.

Mae dosry shehar me rehti hun
Mae tum jesi ho hi nahi sakti
Mera karna dharna mery rasm o riwaj
Mera dharam bharam mera kappra libaas
Kbhe tum jesa ye ho nhi sakta.
Mae jeeti alag hun marti alag hun
Khati alag hun peeti alag hun
Tmhary shehar me baarish hoti hogi
Meray shehar me sirf khoon hy barasta
Meray shehar me aag hae jalti
Meray shehar me lashein haen girti
Tum apny shehar ki baarish ko
Kuch waqt yahan kia bhej nhi sakteen?


Written for Mahwi, and one other friend.

She said it was raining. I told her it wasn’t. She complained that we live in the same city. So I wrote to her that. So yes, we live in the same city. But you see, each of us lives in a city of their own – or perhaps a world of their own: unique and personal.

That’s one meaning to it. The other is in reference to someone who really doesn’t live in the same city – or country.

Apologies to those who couldn’t understand the Urdu-English text above and found it nothing more than a bibbery-a-bibbery-boo! (If possible, I’ll post a translation someday soon.)

C: Maria I. *Randomly Abstract*