2014, Event

Nephew turns One!

So this is my favorite guy:

His name is AbdurRehman and I am head over heels in love with him. <3_<3




Here’s to celebrate this one year of aani-hood (khala/aunt/aala wtevr) which has been full of joys and love, Alhamdulillah.



By the roaring waves!, Photography

Sunsets and Sunrises!


Photo by me 🙂

So many sunsets and sunrises. Seventeen years that passed – lovely and not lovely. A combination of so many stories that can teach me so much!

A person’s new year is basically on their birthday and that comes just once a year 😉 !! Time to realize how much happened as their new year approaches, make resolutions 9if you’re like me) and review past summaries!

22nd December is always my favorite day, but this time it was some tough! Oh but thanks God the world didn’t end the day before it 😀

Each sunset and each sunrise brings out new hopes, new dreams, and new goals!


So you all celebrating winter holidays? Have tons of fun!

Btw, Pakistan just won against India right now 😉 (for cricket fans out there)

Here, a great quote for today:

Dreams are illustrations from the book your soul is writing about you.

-Marsha Norman

By the roaring waves!

Happy Birthday to me:)

It’s my birthday today!

A special day!

And am enjoying it to the fullest!


Today was also our last day at school,

i.e. before Winter Vacations!!

Sports day was held in another campus!

And we all enjoyed it soo much!!

It was our last sports event in the school,

because then, we will go to a college!

Aaand…My friends gave me gifts..  adorable surprises for a last day and a birthday!!

Mama cooked my favorite prawn biryani!

Ma parents also gave me a great diary!

The one I had longed for!

And my siblings are also making this day a huge, memorable thing!

Love you all ^_^