2013, By the roaring waves!

Two and a hundred.

The first step in blogging is not writing them but reading them.Jeff Jarvis

I reached 200 posts. 113 followers. and 728 comments~ 22,222+ all-time views! Isn’t that a wow?

My 100th post was posted on 22nd April 2012. Read it here.

And to add the honor, and make my day (and make me jump with joy), are these VERY AMAZING awards that just got their way in at the 200 posts celebration day!

The Nomadic Soliloquist; whom I met on wordpress recently, and have been following his blogs religiously. ‘They are so complete’, I would tell my cousin. ‘With a very attractive related-photo on the top, to an interestingly descriptive note, and a poetry to enhance its beauty, music, inspiration, or notes about the topics if necessary, he leaves nothing that could spread utmost joy to his readers!’

He has given me the following awards:

The ABC award..

(I will be following rules in a later post.)

The Inner Peace award!

(The award is a beauty in itself!)

Most Influential Blogger Award..


The Sunshine Award!

(That is just so cool!)

The Versatile Blogger Award!!

(My favorite!)

To double my joy is this comment: “If I had to choose, I would give you the ABC award for your quality of thoughts; the Inner Peace award for the innocence your posts carry; the Most Influential Blogger award for the impact you have with your writing; the Sunshine award for the positive vibes your words spread; and lastly, the Versatile Blogger award for one strong reason, which you wrote yourself: “…my blog is about many many other things that I like – it has random thoughts, abstract artworks, my fave poems, stories, sports, Google and technologies, nature, natural beauties, places I like to visit, my family, my friends, popular events that can so not be ignored, and if I conclude it: ‘Different colors of Different ideas!’” Your blog reflects that truly. :)

So well, anybody can guess how it feels. 🙂

Secondly, amira whom I met in December 2011 and who is from Maldives, has honored me with these very ‘sweet’ awards and I’m just so elated! Thanks a tonne for your kindness, you have no idea how special it seems.

The Super Sweet Blogging Award!

And this:

The Liebster Blog Award.

Don’t worry! I shall be following all rules VERY soon. 🙂 On a second note, I’d really recommend you all to step into their blog-worlds and see what joy they spread!! =)

Last but not the least, I thank you all for staying around and reading and commenting! I will make sure to blog better, and regular in future. AND I would love to know your advices or recommendations for my blog!

Thanks and love,

Randomly Abstract.