2019, Poems and poetry

Creation from Chaos

Bring me to my paint brushes when I am away from home.
Remind me of this freedom when I am crying of suffocation.

If my hand is pulling for a noose and my eyes are blinded by rushing streams
Gently hold me by my shoulders, guide me to art and silence,

And give me enough time.

I will hopefully carve out a creation out of chaos.

(I mean, actually inshaa Allah and aameen to that. It’s…like…an actual thing)



I mean if you didn’t pronounce Chaos as ˈkeɪɒs you would of course call it cha-os.

Hello weirdness and lack of presence. Internal presence. LITERALLY, I mean, I could very well call it quits now. Where it = this thing I am thinking about aka with a blank mind.

I don’t wanna call it ˈkeɪɒs now. Chios. Cheyaus. Tch tch.

2017, raw and rough


The  solid  mass  that  a  jungle  of  scribbled  lines  create.   That  shapeless  bunch  of  black  with  white  gaps,  that  disorderly  pen  creation.   That  is  what  anxiety  forms in heart.   Just puts it there on the floorthe weighty bundle of chaos. I  was  wondering  if  I  could  put this emotion  into  words  while  I  felt  it.  And  if  it  would,  in  any  way,  lessen  it.   Guess  it  didn’t~


2013, By the roaring waves!

11 May 2013: Elections in a democratic Pakistan

Today is the day our fate for the next five years will be decided democratically. Elections happen every five years. But this time, they are different. The excitement and the chaos signal the first transition between civilian governments.

Analysis of M Ilyas Khan, BBC news, Islamabad:

Pakistani voters are for the first time exercising their right to approve or reject the performance of the rulers they chose the last time. In the past, governments elected by them were sacked by the presidents or the military.

A large audience has decided to vote for Pakistan, thanks to the media for creating awareness that everybody is ready for a change by casting their ‘precious votes’. Queues started forming before polling stations opened at 08:00 (03:00 GMT) on Saturday. Men, women, and no discrimination- half of them have already voted, and half are still waiting in lines. The youth especially, is very excited to create a change.

The leading political parties are that of MQM, Jamat e Islami, PTI, PPP and Muslim League. The PTI leader Imran Khan has surely won the hearts of the youth and despite the rumors against PTI, his supporters are confident of his victory.

Havoc and mismanagement can not be ignored. A bomb blast in the port city of Karachi on Saturday morning left 11 people dead and 40 others wounded, said officials of BBC. Jamat-e-Islami has announced its boycott in Karachi and Hyderabad. Those that said the elections will be bloody and torturous, were right. Internal ministries calls in 2,000 more troops for Karachi. Sporadic violence has to be faced. Nobody is sure what is going to happen in the next hours.

According to Election Commision officer, the riots are not unexpected. Pakistan being the FIFTH largest democratic country, with 7 million voters from Karachi only, expects such incidents.

All voters of change are now hoping for the better future of Pakistan. The polling stations will be closed at 17:00 and immediate action should be taken to provide free and fair elections. May God the elections results are fair. And may God Pakistan be blessed with a brightere future, and not the same black days.