2013, By the roaring waves!

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I haven’t been blogging in a while and wont be – until some more weeks and that is because my prelims are going on and my final papers are just round the corner!

So this post is not just to inform the cause of absence, but I really want your nice wishes! šŸ˜‰

I have got so many plans for the time I finally get rid of this tiring study session and enjoy relaxation! This is the end of my 2nd college year (i.e. grade XII) so after this I am surely getting much spare time to decide for admission in a good university and for all the mauj masti I have planned! šŸ˜€

By the roaring waves!

Decemberā™„Surprises and Rewards..!

My December is so full of surprises and good rewards, that i have start believing that I am getting pretty cool gifts even before my birthday this month;)

This year is ending so smoothly, and as if it loves me, its leaving some cheerful presents for me:)

Right now I am going to have chocolate and nuts ice-cream, and you know what? Ā It’s so freezingly cold here that I have got a severe pain in my right leg:( {but I think i was about to tell the ‘good-happenings-of-nowadays’.

Okay, so my two bestfriends (who were my school friends) came to my place on Friday…(wait, theĀ ice cream’sĀ so “cold”, not “cool”!) Alright, so i had SUCH A WONDERFUL time with my friends!!!!!!!! We are going to cherish it forever!!! We had lunch here, shared talks, chatted non-stop, got crazy and made memories!! One of them is together with me at college(Though she is in an entirely different faculty, but we do get chances to hang around, together.) while the other one was studying in a different college, so we had a lot to tell each other!

Plus, I made cold coffee for us, which we LOVED so much! i mean, it not only had such a cool blend of brown, but it also tasted AWESOME):P

Thirdly, yesterday I went to my aunt’s house, together with my siblings and mother to spend our day and PARTY hard!! And I had aĀ FABULOUSĀ time with my new-born (actually, 3 months old:) )cousin and we played a lot:) And I had my fave Macaroni Noodles with delicious meat and veggie topping, andĀ tomatoĀ sauce on it…Plus Qorma. (which I suppose you don’t know of<sigh> )

Here, meet Bilal:


And did I forget I went to shopping today?! Or should i call it window shopping only?! Because whatever I wished to purchase, my mom was like “NO WAY!”

Last, but not the least, I got an incentive of complementary classes for 2 subjects because I had got a 90+ in my prev. exams! So, that becomes a happy ending of my post:)

I Thank you Allah, and I thank you people.

By the roaring waves!

Up for College!

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My first day at a new college!

Had a most tiring as well as exciting day!

Was too afraid to enter those new corridors, see those new faces, and challenges…However, took guidance of a ‘proctor’ and climbed some stairs to the top, only to find out that I had been climbing the wrong stairs!

Got down again, looked up for another ‘good’ proctor, found another way, and found my class too.


Maths sir was already teaching, but I got his points soon, because of a new friend with a very unique name, who helped me out:)

And then, chemistry and physics.

Oh and yes, after that, I BUNKED a class: NOT-KNOWINGLY!!(as in, seriously!)

After that, we got free periods, in which I, along with my other friends rampaged through the college and found out a lot of interesting places! From the Zoology department to the Home-economics section and Braille Room…

All in all, my first day went Crazily good, and I hope for the very best in the upcoming days!