By the roaring waves!

Pak VS Eng: The final game.

Yesterday was Pakistan’s T-20 series last match for which both of the countries were pretty excited.

I wasn’t exactly watching the match but my family’s commentary made it almost like watching it!
Unfortunately, Pakistan lost.
And people around me were SOOOO extremely disappointed that they forgot it was just a sports.

I mean, okay sorry, I KNOW it was very important….but hey! It was something that happened, and something that got away. Whatever happens, happens for good.

Stop blaming guys. Let it go…and hope for the BEST in future!:)

By the roaring waves!

Hatred and Violence..Differences that matter not

Right now, all I have to say is about the differences of groups and statuses that we have made between each other, Why is a Pakistani just a Pakistani and an Ethnic just an Ethnic? A Muslim just a Muslim and a Hindu just a Hindu? An American just an American and a Christian only a Christian???

Aren’t we all humans? Can’t we all be classified just as humans?only as humans?Not on the basis of a color, creed or religion?Why does one group has to fight with another one for the sake of these groups?Just now, I visited a page on facebook.It was about a country, name it A. And its job was to spread hatred regarding country B. Violating all etiquette and laws of mutual respect, they had used such abusive words and comments. Why so?

Country B does that too. It doesn’t let leave a single chance to insult the other group’s person on their own platform. We call them “terrorists”. What are we ourselves??

Life is so short, why waste it in enmities then?Lets gather and spread love.Be kind.Be good.Be just.

P.S. If you can’t be good, dot be bad either!