By the roaring waves!

December♥2 *

My first day of December went pretty fine. Actually exciting!

The day started when I got all ready for college and got to know that due to an unexpected “transport strike” , my van won’t pick me. So I went with my father and had half a busy day! Later, we had spare time to hang around with our friends when we had so much fun! The cold breeze was just so soothing;)

Then at night, my mother had prepared “nihari” for dinner as well as fruit custard, which I absolutely love so much!   And then you see, when you like something, everybody does something good for you. So WordPress gave this “NEW POST” new style which is amazing, and now on 2nd is the bday of two special friends:)…..Plus I had a fairly fun time today with my sister, reminding each other of old songs and poems=p

So maybe, there was nothing very ‘special’ about this day, except that I liked it because I wanted to like it!

By the roaring waves!


Today is a routine-word,right?But it changes every day!? Every new day contains different activities; new things to laugh at and new points to shed tears on!Most of all,time for being RANDOM!

Every “Today” comes with new styles,new themes,lessons you have to learn and so much randomness!

Today was a fun day for me!I read a beautiful piece of literature about a Pakistani author.His work and words;both appealed me and I am gonna translate it and post it soon!

What funny happened today was that I stepped into my kitchen,every step taken cautiously so that the family sleeping tiredly must not wake up by the noise..I went to the cabinet,opened it carefully and BANG!! So many small bowls fell off and OMG!that made enough noise!I got scolded as to why I coulds’t leave everyone resting?and then I was told how tired everybody was..How my sister had a hectic day at college and how my mother performed all the day’s chores..why my brothers were soo tired and so on.It was their right to sleep,and I wont make any more noise,I promised…..!So then I went there again when I could hear snores,cleaned up the mess,put the bowls back in the cabinet and started searching for the jar,I was looking for.and OUCH!the bowls fell again!!

Today I found out that life is also very interesting!You just have to start something at the beggining of “today” ; that entertains you and the rest of the day, you can think about it:) That will set your “today”!